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ExxonMobil Mushers’ Choice Award

ExxonMobil Mushers’ Choice Award

Horizon Lines Most Improved Musher Award

Millennium Alaskan Hotel First Musher to the Yukon Award

Isabelle Travadon 61st Musher to Nome

55 Yuka Honda 55th Musher Into Nome

Riddles with Junior Iditarod Mushers

From left to right in the photo – Libby Riddles with Marianna Mallory and Jannelle Trowbridge.  Libby is the first women to ever win Iditarod.  Marianna won the Junior Iditarod Humanitarian Award in 2015.  Jannelle Trowbridge was the highest female finisher in the 2014 and 2015 Junior Iditarod and received a fur hat each year, …

Greg & Sebastian Finish Line Update – Mushers in Trouble

The weather has affected some of our mushers held back up the trail.

Christian Turner 15th Musher to Reach Nome

Peter Kaiser 14th Musher to Reach Nome

Jessie Royer 4th Musher to Nome

The veteran musher pulled under the Burled Arch in 4th position.