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Writing To The Mushers

Hi Boys and Girls, Now that the race is over- what’s next??? Many of you are busy writing the musher you followed in the race. I know you are really excited about that and many of you are hoping for a return letter and maybe even some goodies. Since the request for musher addresses will …

Horizon Lines Most Improved Musher Award

Honors the musher who has bettered his/her last previous finish by the most number of places Winner receives an engraved trophy plus $2,000.00 Presented at Nome banquet by Kenny Gill, Senior Director of Operations for Horizon Lines. Winner-Richie Diehl 

ExxonMobil Mushers Choice Award

Each year the official finishers make the decision as to who was the most inspirational musher on the trail. The award has been presented by EXXONMOBIL since 2010. The Iditarod Limited Edition Gold Coin is valued at $3,900.00 and it’s surrounded by a gold chain rope. Presented at the Finishers banquet by Karen Hagedorn, Production …

Christian Turner 38th Musher to Nome

Christian Turner and his team of 10 dogs passed under the Burled Arch just before 8pm Thursday. This is Turner’s first Iditarod and credits his dog team for guiding him to Nome safely.

March 13 Nome 2pm—Women Mushers into Nome

MARCH 13 Nome-2pm—36 mushers into Nome With 36 mushers into Nome, and only 13 left on the Iditarod trail, the scene in Nome is something like a big mixer for mushing fanatics.  Friends of the musher, handlers, family walk about the Iditarod headquarters, venture over to the finish line to watch a mushing colleague finish, …

Justin Savidas 33rd Musher to Nome

Justin Savidas and his team of 11 dogs passed under the Burled Arch Thursday. This was Savidas’ 5th Iditarod and his best finish to date. Every year Justin picks a dog from his team to hoist above his head and touch the arch. This year’s dog was May, a young dog who was in lead …

Katherine Keith 32nd Musher to Nome

The rookie musher reached the end of her adventure Thursday afternoon with 8 dogs on her line.

Mats Pettersson 29th Musher to Nome

Swedish musher Mats Pettersson crossed the finish line Thursday morning. He and his team of 12 dogs capped off a nice race for the Iditarod rookie finishing in 29th place.

March 12 Wed Nome–What if I were a Musher?

March 12 Wed Nome—8pm—what if I were a musher? What if I were a musher?  On the spot, just for the mental exercise, I decided to summarize all the very cool innovations and ideas I noticed on this year’s race. For starters, I love a combination of Aaron Burmeisters very articulated theory of scheduling in …

25th Musher Into Nome is Paige Drobny

Paige Drobny and her team of 8 dogs crossed the finish line of Iditarod 42 Wednesday evening. This year’s finish is an improvement on her 2013 finish of 34th place.