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Martin Buser Inducted into the into the Knik Museum Musher Hall of Fame

On Sunday, July 16th, 4 time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser was inducted into the into the Knik Museum Musher’s Hall of Fame.  Marthin’s induction was held at the Knik Museum. This date also marked the 50th Anniversary of the Hall of Fame.  Martin’s ‘never give up attitude’ along with his longstanding race record, made his …

Eye on the Trail: Telephoto Story – Musher Canine Bond

 A picture can be worth a thousand words. This photo tells the story of the profound bond between musher and canine.  After arriving in Nome, claiming the Red Lantern Award of Iditarod XLV, Cindy Abbott and her leader, Banana, share a moment under the Burled Arch.  

Writing to Mushers

Hi Boys and Girls, It sure has been quiet this week with no race to follow. I bet you are finishing activities in you classroom. One thing you may be doing this week is writing a letter to the musher or mushers you followed in the race. I know how exciting this can be. I …

Trent Herbst 52nd Musher to Reach Nome

A New Twist on Musher Trading Cards!

Have your students gotten interested in the card game Top Trumps? It’s a quick and easy card game that just so happens to work on place value skills while playing! There are decks published on topics ranging from animals to presidents to Harry Potter! Why not harness the love for that game and combine it with …

Charley Bejna 46th Musher in to Nome

Y is for Young Mushers: Girl Power on the Trail

The Iditarod Alphabet 2017 Y is for Young Mushers There are many young mushers out on the trail this year.  A musher must be 18 before the Iditarod starts in order to race.  This year’s youngest musher is Laura Neese, 20 years old,  who finished in 42nd place.  There are eleven mushers that are 30 years …

Eye on the Trail: Busy in Nome as Mushers 34 to 39 Arrive

After Seth Barnes cleared the chute but before Karin Hendrickson arrived, the bucket truck from the power company arrived to assist in re-hanging the Iditarod banner. A storm came through Nome earlier in the week and officials decided to take the sign down rather than let the wind tear it to shreds. Today the banner …

Dallas Seavey is the 3rd musher out of Koyukuk

Pete Kaiser talks about Rest vs. Run for the musher and the team