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Musher Banquet – Mushers’ Choice Award – Matt Failor

Top 3 have left ELIM, TRAIL on ice, mushers not off course!

Where as Dallas Seavey only spend 2 minutes in Elim, both Brent Sass and Mitch Seavey were 8 minutes here. Time will tell if those 6 minutes will make a difference. For Mitch, that could have an impact. He has been traveling faster than Brent and is having a few more dogs than Dallas. Looking …

Mushers in Cripple

One of the fun part is always listening to the mushers talk in the checkpoint. Its cosy here in the Cripple Cookshack. Then shack might not be the right word anymore, it actually is a very nice cabin by now, one could live her. Its just a little bit hard to get groceries. How does …

Mushers en route to Cripple

Slow going on the trail to Cripple. Not much snow on quite a few stretches. Here are a few pictures of the next 2 teams to arrive in Cripple. 3rd in should be Robert Sorlie and shortly after John Baker. Both teams were moving really nicely. Matter of fact I had a hard time shaking …

Mushers Camping Out

One perk of being on the trail with a snow machine is that I can sneak up on mushers which are camped out. Brent Sass, was sitting a few miles past Nikolai, to enjoy some peace and quiet. He either pretended to not hear me come, or he was really napping hard ( earplugs?? ) …

Mushers and fans mingling on 4 th Avenue

The trail conditions here at the Ceremonial Start look surprisingly good after yesterdays surprise snowfall. temperatures are below freezing, no wind, which is perfect for the spectators. Enjoy a few snapshots.          

Mushers’ Banquet

Hi Boys and Girls, The Musher Banquet was held last night at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage. What a fun night!!! This is a time for all the mushers, their families, friends and fans to get together before the race start. I bet you’re wondering what they do at this banquet. There’s …

Noah Burmeister talks Alaksan outdoors at the Mushers Banquet

Jessie Royer talks rubbernecking on the trail at the Mushers Banquet

Jessie talks about the sites and sharing the trail with her best friends.

Pete Kaiser talks about surroundings on the trail at the Mushers Banquet