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Red Lantern and the Widows Lamp

Hi Boys and Girls, While we’re wating for the Finishers Banquet tonight, let’s find out the difference between the Red Lantern and the Widows Lamp. I use to think they were the same thing. I was so surprised to find out they are 2 different lamps. They have similarities as they are both related to …

Cindy Abbott Wins Red Lantern Ends Iditarod 45

R is for Red Lantern: Ruby and Galena

The Iditarod Alphabet 2017 R is for Red Lantern The Red Lantern Award is given to the last musher to reach Nome.  This award is given to honor the perseverance of the musher and their team.  First Red Lantern Award winner was John Schultz with a finishing time of 32 days, 5 hours, 9 minutes, …

Eye on the Trail: Helwig Earns Red Lantern

Rookie Mary Helwig made Nome at 2351.  Seems that it’s never too late or too early for a celebration at the burled arch at the end of the Iditarod Trail.  There were people shoulder to shoulder lining both sides of the chute for it’s full length waiting to say welcome to Mary Helwig and farewell …

Mary Helwig Wins 2016 Red Lantern Award

The 43rd Iditarod Ends With The Red Lantern Winner

Cindy Abbott has made it to Nome!  In her 3rd attempt she arrived tonight for the first time winning the coveted Red Lantern.  She also blew out the widows lamp ending the 43rd Iditarod!!   Good night from Nome!

Red Lantern Award

Presented by Wells Fargo Bank since 1993, given to the last musher to finish the race. Musher receives a trophy made from a red lantern Presentation made on the street as musher comes to finish line and again at the Red Lantern banquet by Tyler Hull, Store Manager, Wells Fargo Nome Winner-Marcelle Fressineau 

Marcelle Fressineau Earns Red Lantern Award

Marcelle Fressineau was the last musher to pass under the Burled Arch Saturday evening. As the final musher to reach the Burled Arch, she was asked to extinguish the Widow’s Lamp signifying  that all mushers are off the Iditarod trail. She crossed the finish line at 7:42pm Saturday with 9 dogs.

Eye on the Trail: 47, 48 & Red Lantern

Monica Zappa, Lisbet Norris and Marcelle Fressinea, all rookies, have arrived in Nome. The last musher to make the burled arch is asked to extinguish the Widow’s Lamp, an act that signifies all mushers are off the trial. The newly fallen snow slowed the trio of final mushers. Compared to the icy trail the coaches …


Hi Boys and Girls, In my morning update I gave a question of the day that I thought I’d answer in another post.  The question was “What is the Red Lantern Award and who is it given to?”  I sure thought that was going to be an easy answer.  I looked it up to make …