July 5, 2015

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2013 Iditarod » Mushers » Zoya DeNure

Zoya DeNure

Hometown: Delta Junction, Alaska


Zoya DeNure, 38, was born and raised in Wisconsin. As a young girl, she traveled the world as a fashion model, walking the runways in Milan, Italy and Shanghai, China. After 12 years in the field, Zoya was ready for a change. Soon after returning home from Italy, she bought a Siberian Husky named Ethan and from there, new dreams realized. “Dogs make me very happy!” Zoya read everything she could about mushing and the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The late Susan Butcher inspired her, and Zoya shared Susan’s passion for animals and adventure. Heading north to a dog yard in Alaska, seeking a more basic lifestyle away from all the city hub-bub, seemed like an easy decision. Now, twelve years later; “I live my dream in the mountains, with my family and forty sled dogs.” The family splits their time living between their homes on the Maclaren River and in Delta Junction. “My office is outside with canines and nature.” She and her husband, John Schandelmeier, have two daughters, 6 year old Jona, and one year old Olivia. Zoya enjoys running, biking, teaching yoga, traveling and time with family.


Eukanuba; Dogbooties.com, MN;
Manmat, Prague;

Specsavers, ENGLAND;
Denali Highway Tours & Cabins;
Kerstin & Ralph, GERMANY