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Insiders Greg Heister & Bruce Lee Preview Iditarod 41February 20, 2013 5:46 pm

Insiders Greg Heister & Bruce Lee Preview Iditarod 41. Recorded Live on February 13, 2013. 

Stan Hooley on Fairbanks Restart
ITC Board Decides on Restart in Fairbanks
Iditarod History Doc Promo
Jeff King Speaks From the Heart
Iditarod Live Breaking News Update
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Look How Close This Race Is!


Donlin Gold Announces Pledge to Continue as a Principal Sponsor of the Last Great Race

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Tom Huntington about the ” New Trail “ Featured - Sebastian Schnuelle

The trail as I know it. Fairbanks to Koyukuk 2015 Iditarod  Ok, here goes. Fairbanks to Nenana; distance of 51 miles, from Pike’s to the Nenana railroad depot. The trail is all on the river. Hard, flat, easy going. From Nenana on, You’re now following the original 1925 serum run “ Great Race of Mercy”.  …

FAIRBANKS to NOME Featured - Sebastian Schnuelle

Thoughts on the “ new race trail “  Looking at the current weather conditions the decision to move the “ real ” Iditarod start to Fairbanks was a wise move. Conditions along the traditional route have not improved, while here in Fairbanks we have been getting some more snow off and on. The trails are …

Introducing…Huslia and Koyukuk

by Martha Dobson For the first time in Iditarod race history, Huslia (HOO-slee-uh), hosts the race’s halfway checkpoint in 2015. Considering the village’s mushing history, how appropriate that the race turn north from Galena to this village on the banks of the Koyukuk River. A village of around 300 people, well-known names in the world …

Meet the 2015 IditaRiders!

Meet the 2015 IditaRiders! The 2015 IditaRiders are in for a real treat as they take to the sleds for the ride of a lifetime along the first eleven miles of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race!  Meet them here, and be sure to cheer for them and their mushers and teams on Saturday!    *We’ll …

Attention Fairbanks Volunteers: Dog Handler Class and Volunteer Meeting in Fairbanks

Volunteer Meeting and Dog Handler Class Volunteer Meeting Friday, Mar 6th at 6 pm and a Dog Handler class at 10 am Saturday March 7th at Pikes Waterfront Lodge located at 4438 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK       IF you are interested in being a dog handler in Fairbanks AND YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY …

Eye on the Trail: Harper wins Junior by Two Minutes

The Junior Iditarod mushers have all crossed the finish line at mile 132 of the Denali Highway. The race was moved north from Willow to Cantwell after conditions were deemed to icy to run the tradition round trip route to Yentna Station. The trail conditions were primo, temperatures comfortable and scenery was splendid including northern …

Eye on the Trail: Junior will be a Tight Finish

March 1st and the start of the Junior Iditarod was the kind of day that makes folks who are visiting Alaska want to stay for the rest of their lives. Crisp, sunny and windless with the temperatures eventually rising into the 20’s. The action for the Junior Iditarod began at 8:00 in the morning when …

Introducing…Nenana, Manley Hot Springs and Tanana

by Martha Dobson Iditarod 2015 sees five unique checkpoints on the trail. First on the list is Nenana, the checkpoint teams go through after leaving Fairbanks. Travelers can reach Nenana via air, water, or road. Russian traders began trading as early as 1838 with the native people there. Nenana represents the westernmost edge of the …

Eye on the Trail: Bibs Drawn for 38th Junior Iditarod

Mushers drew their bib numbers tonight for the 38th running of the Junior Iditarod. Parents, board members and volunteers were on hand to share in the festivities of the pizza party and musher meeting. Mushers drew their bib number in the order they signed up for the race. Six rookies and five veterans will take …