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ExxonMobil Mushers’ Choice Award
Dallas Seavey Iditarod 43 Champ
Golden Clipboard Award
Donlin Gold Sportsmanship Award
Wells Fargo Gold Coast Award


2015 Winter Raffle Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Winter Raffle.  Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets.  We appreciate your support in helping to stage “The Last Great Race on Earth®”. Press Release Winter Raffle Winners 2015 2015 Winter Raffle Prizes Prize 1: 2015 Dodge Ram 4×4 Quad Cab  – Mariah Utuga, Anchorage, AK Prize …

Abbott Extinguishes Widow’s Lamp


Strawberries Served in Nome
Eye on the Trail: Iditarod XLIII is History

Iditarod XLIII is almost history, all but one award has been announced, all but one musher has publicly offered their thanks, and Dallas Seavey’s lead dogs, Hero and Reef, have been introduced.  Just as the  festivities of the finisher’s banquet came to a close an announcement was made that the final musher was on Front …

Eye on the Trail: Through the Lens with Jeff Schultz

Last night before Alan Eischens approached Front Street, Jeff Schultz, Iditarod’s official photographer was out in the chute setting up a photo.  It was dusk or a little darker and what he had in mind was to catch Eischens and the dog team as they came into the chute with the strings of suspended Christmas …

Eye on the Trail: Best Dressed & Most Colorful

Looking at all the mushers who’ve gone down the Iditarod trail this year, I’d nominate Brian Wilmshurst for Best Dressed, Most Colorful and that really has nothing to do with the shorts he wears.  Wade Marrs has a very colorful sled bag and Monica Zappa has a very colorful parka, hat and sled bag combo …

Eye on the Trail: Clarke, Gallea and Herbst

The noon whistle, not to be confused with the siren although it is the same, sounded as Trent Herbst left the burled arch heading for the dog spa behind Nome’s Iditarod Headquarters.  Clarke and Gallea dogs, having come in earlier this morning were already settled and preparing for their big flight Anchorage and then their …

Eye on the Trail: Finishing up on Saturday

The busiest day on Front Street of the 2015 race was Saturday the 21st of March.  Twenty-five teams completed the race commencing with Ben Harper in 36th place at 02:28:15 and concluding with Alan Eischens in 60th place at 21:56:36.  That means Front Street wasn’t the only place that was busy, the Nome Dog Spa …

Eye on the Trail: Hunt and Wilmshurst

Playing catch up here in Nome.  There were so many teams that completed Iditarod yesterday, I couldn’t get to the arch to hear stories and take pictures AND write something up about each musher and their journey.  It’s sort of a twilight time on Sunday morning, I’ve already been up to the volunteer center for …

Eye on the Trail: Shvarts Realizes Dream

When it comes to Iditarod, Lev Shvarts was able to finished in 2015 what he set out to do in 2014.  After leaving the Rohn Road house last year, Shvart’s sled gave way while coming through the Buffalo tunnels.  That portion of the trail was re-worked with heavy equipment this fall and would have been …