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Got up early to watch Fiedler, Harper, and A. Moore arrive beneath the Burled Arch

11 degrees, Fiedler and Harper in the chute…  a few minutes later, Allen Moore.  3 more off the trail and 20 some yet to arrive…

Riddles with Junior Iditarod Mushers

From left to right in the photo – Libby Riddles with Marianna Mallory and Jannelle Trowbridge.  Libby is the first women to ever win Iditarod.  Marianna won the Junior Iditarod Humanitarian Award in 2015.  Jannelle Trowbridge was the highest female finisher in the 2014 and 2015 Junior Iditarod and received a fur hat each year, …

This just heard beneath the burled arch in Nome

When Curt Perano arrived in Nome early Friday morning, among those greeting him were his wife and young son, Wyatt.  It was the sweetest moment when father and son came near to each other.  Wyatt looked up at his father and said, “Are you done?”

DeeDee in at 05:10


DeeDee is in Nome

Set the alarm, got up, bundled up, and saw DeeDee arrive in Nome.  Welcome to Nome, DeeDee.

Teacher on the Trail: Safety

I was invited to go out to Safety this afternoon by Stan Hooley. I got to drive my very own snowmachine, it was awesome.

Giving a big shout out of thanks to all of our volunteers!

Our volunteers stay up late and work all day….   They do countless tasks to help stage the race from Anchorage to Nome.  Thanks, volunteers!

Buser and Baker… to the finish line

Martin Busher and John Baker have arrived in Nome.  Welcome to the finish line!

Two Sirens have just sounded within minutes of each other

Two more mushers are heading into the chute….  It is 1:30 AM. 

It is snowing in Shaktoolik

It is snowing in Shaktoolik so musher MIGHT be staying in Shaktoolik a bit longer until the winds slow a bit.