Adult Fiction

Ballad of the Northland
by Jason Barron (2010)
The story of a young boy growing up in South Central Alaska where his adoptive family lives a hand to mouth existence. Illustrated by Barron’s wife, Harmony Barron.

Caribou Crossing
by Kim Heacox (2001)
Shannon DeShay, daughter of an Alaskan oil geologist, risks her life to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and save the man she loves.

Sue Henry’s Jessie Arnold Series
Murder on the Iditarod Trail (1991)
Termination Dust (1995)
Sleeping Lady (1996)
Death Takes Passage (1997)
Deadfall (1998)
Murder on the Yukon Quest (1999)
Beneath the Ashes (2000)
Dead North (2001)
Cold Company (2002)
Death Trap (2003)
Murder at Five Finger Light (2005)
Degrees of Separation (2008)

Sue Henry’s Maxie and Stretch Series
The Serpents Trail (2004)
The Tooth of Time (2006)
The Refuge (2007)
The End of the Road (2009)

True North
by Kimberly Kafka (2000)A suspense novel about the Alaskan wilderness, the woman who fled there to escape the past, newcomers, gold, and survival

by Dan McFadden (2002)

Alaska: A Novel
by James Michener (1988)

Two Old Women
by Velma Wallis (1993), twentieth anniversary edition published 2013, winner of 1993 Western States Book Award & 1994 Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award    BOOK REVIEW