Children’s Fiction

Where We RUN – A Dog Sledding Story
By K.M. Allen,  Illustrations by K.M. Allen
This delightful picture book with artistic and authentic images, tells a mushing story.  Poetically written with clever use of words and imagery, this book is a fun read and would be useful teaching basic mushing terms and information about the sport.  There are several pages at the end of the book that can help guide or extend learning.  *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by ITC EDU.

Balto – Sled Dog of Alaska
by LaVere Anderson (1976 – out of print)
One of the books in the Famous Animal Stories series, this is the fictionalized account of  Balto and the 1925 Serum Run to Nome.
Grades 3-5.

Very Last First Time
By Jan Andrews (2003)
In this picture book, Andrews tells the story of  an Inuit girl’s first solo-walk to collect mussels on the bottom of the sea.

To See the Moon
by Ethel Bacon (1996)
Diane wonders if Kimo, the runt of the litter, will ever make it as a sled dog.
Picture book.

A Bear Named Trouble
by Marion Dane Bauer (2005)
Based on a true story, a 10-year old boy sets out to get even with the bear cub that killed his favorite animal at Anchorage’s Alaska Zoo.
Grades 4-6.

Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow
by Marianne Berkes (2008)
A counting rhyme book that features animals and climate found in the Arctic.
Picture book.

Akiak: A Tale from the Iditarod
by Robert J. Blake (1997)
Akiak is running her last Iditarod, but she is hurt on the fourth day.  Will she be able to help her team?
Picture book.

Painter and Ugly
by Robert J. Blake (2011)
Painter and Ugly are two best friends who are always together, until they get put on different teams for the Junior Iditarod. 
Grades 1-4.  Book Unit

by Robert Blake (2002)
Based on fact, the story of Leonard Seppala’s lead dog Togo and the 1925 Serum Run.  Picture book.

The Itchy Little Musk Ox
by Tricia Brown (2007)
A musk ox head off on an adventure trying to scratch his hard to reach itch. In the process he learns to appreciate his gifts. Author’s notes at the end provide additional information on musk oxen and the qiviut they provide.
Grades K-3. 

By Susan Butcher and David Monson  (2007)
Four time Iditarod champion Susan Butcher tells the story of her lead dog Granite and their journey together.
Picture book

A is for Musk Ox (2012), Musk Ox Counts (2013), The World According to Musk Ox (2014)
by Erin Cabatingan
Not your typical alphabet or counting books with Musk Ox in charge! Funny books even older kids will get a kick out of!
Grades K-2

Books by Shannon Cartwright (Shannon is the illustrator of many other books.)
Alaska 123 Colors and Numbers
Alaska’s Train Story

Alaska’s Three Bears
by Shannon Cartwright
Alaska themed retelling of an old favorite.
Grades Pre-School – 2. Unit Plan

The Polar Bear Son: an Inuit Tale
Retold by Lydia Dabcovich (1997)
An old woman and an orphaned polar bear cub care for each other.
Picture book

Half-Breed: A Story of the Klondike Gold Rush
by Pamela Deed (2004)
Ages 9 – 12.

The Iditarod: The Greatest Win Ever
by Monica Devine (1997)
The story of Kara’s experience on the Iditarod combined with history of the race and information on Alaska.
Grades 4-6.

The Sleeping Lady
Retold by Ann Dixon (1994)
This retelling explains why The Sleeping Lady, or Mt. Susitna, currently lies along the Cook Inlet.
Grades 1-4. Unit Plan 

Down by the River: An Alaskan Counting Rhyme
by Sara Feriante Donkersloot (1999)
A counting rhyme book that features animals found Alaska’s rivers.
Picture book.

Out on the Tundra: An Alaskan Counting Rhyme
by Sara Feriante Donkersloot  (2002)
A counting rhyme book that features animals from Alaska’s tundra.
Picture book.

Auroa: A Tale of the Northern Lights
by Mindy Dwyer (1997)
An original tale that explains why the Northern Lights dance across the winter sky. Pairs well with Northern Lights A to Z also by Ms. Dwyer. 
Grades 1-3. Unit Plan 

Alaska’s Snow White and Her Seven Sled Dogs (2015), The Salmon Princess: An Alaska Cinderella Story (2004), Alaska’s Sleeping Beauty (2014)
by Mindy Dwyer
Alaska themed retelling of favorite fairy tales.
Grades Preschool-3. Unit Plan

Stone Fox
by John Reynolds Gardiner (1980)
Little Willy and his dog Searchlight need to beat the undefeated Stone Fox in an upcoming dogsled race in order to save his grandfather and the farm.
Grades 3-5.

Kiana’s Iditarod
by Shelley Gill (1984)
illustrated by Shannon Cartwright
This book follows a dog’s journey on the Iditarod.  Glossary.  Picture book.

Danger the Dog Yard Cat
by Shelley Gill (1987)
Danger the cat leads Libby Riddles dog team in the Iditarod.  Picture book.

Aashka The Littlest Sled Dog
By Deb “Danny” Glen
This book is about the ‘can do’ way of looking at life and the opportunities that come forth as well as the can deal with lay of looking at problems.  “Do your best with what you’ve been given, you can triumph against all odds and find hope in every tomorrow.”  Aashka Adventure Book 1. The book includes teacher page with discussion questions.

Aashka: The Great Misadventure
by Danny Glenn
Aashka Adventure Book 2
This book is about self control, dealing with temptation, and doing the right thing.  “Make good decisions and you will be a star.”  Book includes a teacher page with discussion questions to use with students.

Aashka: The Lone Wolf
by Danny Glenn
Aashka Adventure Book 3
this book is about understanding the value of love, kindness, respect, and forgivness.”Love is power – your purpose is to love.”  The book includes a teacher page with discussion questions to use with students.

A Team Like No Other
by Georgia Graham (2004)
Stephen and his dad love running their dog team in Southern Alberta. But one run almost leads to disaster.
Grades 1-2. 

The Stolen Sun: A Story of Native Alaska
by Amanda Hall (2002)
In this original story, told in the tradition of a folktale, Raven creates the world, but when he sees people become greedy he takes away the sun.  How will the people come out of the darkness?  Picture book.

Where’s the Boss: A Sleddog’s Tale from Alaska’s Iditarod Trail
by Lois Harter (1999)
Lead dogs, Toby and Crystal must figure out what do to when their musher is missing on the Iditarod Trail.  Grades 3-5.

Dancing at the Odinochka
By Kirkpatrick Hill (2005)
Inspired by a true story, Erinia struggles with the changes that come to her people when America purchases Alaska from Russia.
Ages 9-14

The Year Of Miss Agnes
By Kirkpatrick Hill (2000)
Miss Agnes is different from all the other teachers who’ve taught in the Athabascan village.
Ages 8-12

Winter Camp
by Kirkpatrick Hill (1993)
Toughboy and Sister struggle to keep their neighbor alive until Natasha returns with help.
Ages 8-12

Tough Boy and Sister
By Kirkpatrick Hill (1992)
An Athabascan boy and his sister struggle to survive when stranded at a Yukon fishing camp.
Ages 8-12

Elim: The Determined Athlete
by Joan Jackson (1998)
illustrated by Robert Ferrin Gilmore
Based on a true story, a puppy follows Jeff King’s dogsled team out of the Elim checkpoint in the 1996 Iditarod race.  Picture book.

Wind-Wild Dog
by Barbara Joosse (2006)
illustrated by Kate Kiesler
Ziva, a young sled dog, decides whether to stay with the man that has trained her or to run free.  Picture book.

Dog Diaries #4: Togo
By Kate Klimo (2014)
A terrific story of Togo and the Serum Run told from Togo’s point of view.
Ages 7-10 Book Unit

The Seasons and Someone
by Virginia L. Kroll (1994)
A poetic account of a year in the life of a young Inuit girl.  Picture book.

Alaska’s Three Pigs
by Arlene Laverde
Alaska themed retelling of an old favorite.
Grades K-2. Unit Plan

Sled Dogs Run
By Jonathan London and Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
Lyrical text and Jon Van Zyle’s illustrations provide information about dogs and mushing. 

Painted Skies
by Carolyn Mallory  (2015)
This contemporary story introduces readers to an Inuit legend that explains the Northern Lights. Includes information on the science behind the lights in an epilogue.
Grades K-2. Unit Plan 

Hide Away Husky
by Lisa McCue (2016)
Paw is too little to be on the team. Can he prove his worth to his musher and gain a spot on the line?
Grades Preschool – 2. Lesson Idea

The Legend of the Fog
by Qaunaq Mikkigak and Joanne Schwartz  (2011)
In this ancient Inuit tale, a lone hunter is in for the struggle of his life when he meets an evil tundra spirit.
Grades 1-4. Unit Plan 

by Gary Paulsen (1993)
Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors as Gary and Ruth Paulsen collaborate to produce this lyrical account of a dog team’s night run.  Picture book.                                                                                                                                   Grades Preschool-2

Aunt Lulu
by Daniel Pinkwater (1988)
Aunt Lulu is an Alaskan librarian who travels vial sled dog. When she decides to to move to New Jersey, the change to a wheeled sled!
Ages 5 and up

Arctic Fives Arrive
by Elinor J. Pinczes (1996)
A counting book in which Arctic animals arrive five by five to share a view of the northern lights.

The Walrus Who Escaped
by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley  (2014)
In this fun story, Walrus sported beautiful, spiralled tusks until a run in with Raven changed them forever.
Grades Pre-School- K. Unit Plan 

She’s My Mommy Too!  An Alaskan Tale of Sibling Rivalry
By Bernd and Susan Richter, Illustrated by Diane L. Drashner
Learn about sibling rivalry with the help of seven sled dog puppies who are jealous of each other whenever ‘one’ seems to spend time with ‘mom’.

The Legend of Lightning and Thunder
by Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt and Jo Rioux  (2013)
In this ancient Inuit tale, two siblings change the Arctic sky when they create lightning and thunder.
Grades 1-4. Unit Plan 

The Blizzard’s Robe
By Robert Sabuda (1999)
A picture-book story of a girl who made robes to keep her people warm in the winter, thus changing them from a people who feared winter to “the People of the Northern Lights.”

Coho Waterboy the Flat-Footed Web-footed Alaska Sled Dog
by Marianne Schlegelmilch (2009)
Solo takes the young Coho under his guidance and inspires Coho to overcome his disadvantages and gain the confidence he needs to earn his own special moment in Nome.  (Sequel to Solo Flite)

Solo Flite
by Marianne Schlegelmilch
This is a story about a lost young puppy who ends up living at the kennel of Joe Redington.

The Alaskan Happy Dog Trilogy by Mary Shields
Can Dogs Talk? (1991) – Rita and Ryan find out the answer to their question with the help of Mary Shields and her team of huskies.
Loving a Happy Dog  (1993) – Rita and Ryan learn the responsibilities that come with owning a new puppy.
Secret Messages – Training a Happy Dog (1994) – Rita and Ryan learn how to train their dog.

Berry Magic
by Teri Sloat and Betty Huffman  (2004)
Yup’ik storyteller Betty Huffman retells an old story that explains why berries grow on the tundra.
Grades K-3 Unit Plan 

Kimmick Come Home
By Beverly Stevens
A young puppy runs away because she thinks she’s too funny looking to be a sled dog like her famous mom, and Iditarod sled dog.  Kimmick has many adventures and learns an important lesson.

This Dog Team Lives in the House
By Beverly Stevens
This is the story of and adopted dog, “Spirit” who must learn how to belong in her new, very unusual family.

Kamik An Inuit Puppy Story
by Donald Uluadluak (2012)
The first in a series of stories inspired by the real life recollections of elders from Arviat, Nunavut. Through out the course of the series, Jake and his Inuit puppy, Kamik, learn from their elders everything they need to know to someday become the part of a winning sled dog team.  The other books in the series are Kamik’s First Sled  (2015) by Matilda Sulurayok and Kamik Joins the Pack  (2016) by Darryl Baker.
Grades K-2. Book Unit

Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska
by Dev Vanasse (2006)
The story of a totem pole that magically comes to life. The crests argue who about what order they should stay in, until they remember their true purpose. Great use of vivid verbs!
Grades Preschool – 2. 

by Gloria Whelan (1988)
illustrated by Stephen Marchesi
Silver is the runt of the litter, but Rachel believes he will be a champion leader.  When her father finishes the Iditarod, she discovers Silver is missing and embarks on a search to find him.  Grades 2-3.

Sled Dog School (2017)
by Terry Lynn Johnson
Eleven-year- old Matt is struggling in school and he has to set up his own business to save his failing math grade, so Matt’s Sled Dog School is born! Ages 7-10.

Max T. Booker
by Pat Moon  (2018)
Max is out of school for the summer and is looking forward to hanging out with his dog, Dash and working to win the Fourth of July Bicycle Parade. Ages 8 and up.

Where We Run: A Dog Sledding Story
by K.M. Allen (2019)
A rhyming picture book that takes readers on a sled dog ride in Minnesota through the eyes of a young girl who dreams of running Iditarod one day. Includes vocabulary and background information. Preschool- Grade 1.