Quilt Project 2021-2022

After a year off, the quilt project is back in action! We are excited to have 8-10 quilts travel across the country over the next six months!

The quilt project was started over a decade ago and today we have over a dozen quilts that have been created. Many quilts travel around the country visiting classrooms, while a few others are used at the Iditarod conferences. 

So, how does the program work?

Teachers are encouraged to sign-up for the quilt project by Wednesday, October 20.  During the sign-up process, teachers are asked to list their top three months to have the quilt.  In late October a schedule will be sent out to each teacher, along with the month they will be receiving the quilt (we try out best to accommodate your month requests).  The teacher will keep the quilt in his/her classroom for the month, and we encourage them to complete a few of the lessons that will accompany the quilt.  Once the month is up, teachers will send the quilt to the next teacher and classroom.  

Each quilt is unique and teaches students all about the race– from inspirational quotes to character development, to fun math facts– these quilts are the best!

Sign Up Here!

If you have questions, please contact Annie at iditarodquiltproject@gmail.com