Updated Lessons for the 2018 Race!

Exxon Mobile is a major sponsor of the Iditarod Education Department.

Have you been using the Mathing Down the Trail curriculum in your classroom? Great news….

Here are some updates for some of those lessons, just in time to gear up for the 2018 race!

ITC 6.3 Prize Money Mind Bender

ITC 2 Iditarod Fantasy Team Draft 2017

ITC 7.1 Prized Dogs Pictographs

Pictograph Homework

ITC 7.2 Population Along the Trail

ITC 7.4 What’s Your Coordinate_

ITC 7.5 The Story Behind the Graph

ITC 8.1 Time on the Trail

ITC 8.2 Passing Time at Checkpoints

ITC 9.1 Meet the Rookies

ITC 9.3 What’s An Average Leg -Fairbanks

ITC 9.4 As The Trail Turns – Comparison

Data Analysis Homework Assignment