We have liftoff! Welcome to the new Iditarod edu Website

We would like to welcome you to the all new Iditarod edu Website.  This is your new home for Iditarod education content for educators, students and parents.  With the support of teachers around the world, our wonderful Iditarod EDU team and our partner ExxonMobil we are able to bring this experience to you for the 2017 Iditarod.  

Now teachers and students have easy access to all of the great Iditarod edu content, lesson plans, videos, race information and other key resources here at Iditarod.com/edu

The site is simplified into seven main content areas; 

  1. Teach & Learn
  2. Students
  3. Conferences
  4. Teacher on the Trail
  5. EDU Videos
  6. Race Resources
  7. Zuma’s Paw Prints

Inside of each of these content areas you’ll find what you need to teach, learn and enjoy Iditarod in the classroom or at home.  If you visit Teach & Learn you will find teaching tools, lesson plans and curriculum by subject.  Looking for Iditarod race standings, information on mushers and GPS tracking for Insider subscribers then visit Race Resources.  You get the idea, check it out, explore and enjoy the great learning content that has been developed for and by our Iditarod edu community.  

Enjoy the website and please let us know what you think, we always welcome feedback and will continue to improve your Iditarod edu website.

Mush on!

The Iditarod EDU Team