Excessive Logins – Logged out

You have been logged out of your account on this device.

Please note that you are seeing this message because your Iditarod Insider subscription only allows you to be logged into 2 simultaneous devices and this was your 3rd simultaneous login.

Here is how it works:

  • If you login on your home computer first and then login on your work computer second and you log in on your iPad third at a friends house all at the same time, your home computer will be automatically logged out.
  • If you then log in on your home computer, your work computer will be automatically logged out.
  • You are automatically logged out because you can only be logged in on 2 devices at any given time
  • Devices can be a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, Tablet, TV device, etc\

You are currently logged out. If you’d like to login to gain access at this time please login understanding that one of your current devices will be logged out to accommodate this device login.

Thank you for the support