Eye on the Trail: Babes in the Forest

Puppy walk at Dream a Dream

Twice each day at Summer Camp, the teachers join Musher Vern Halter for a puppy walk. Currently Halter has 15 puppies at Dream a Dream. Seven lanky bundles of energy were born just after Iditarod and are 3 months old. They are the gems – Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Zircon, Jasper, Onyx and Quartz. Eight little butter balls belonging to Justin & Jaimee High are also at Dream a Dream. They were born four weeks ago in late May. Their names all spin – Tornado, Vortex, Typhoon, Whirly, Hurricane, Cyclone, Pinwheel, Turbine.

Young robin watches the pups cross the bridge

The puppies and humans follow a trail through the woods that crosses a shallow stream a couple of times. There are bridges. Sometimes the pups use the bridge sometimes they romp through the stream. As the pups were climbing onto one end of the bridge a very young robin sat on a tree branch a short distance from the other end of the bridge. These babes were enjoying a very fine day in the forest.

Cindy Abbott has earned two Red Lanterns for Perseverance

Teachers at Summer Camp have been enjoying a full slate of speakers and activities. Iditarod Air Force Pilot, Joe Pendergrass visited with the group to share information about the Iditarod Air Force. Red Lantern musher, Cindy Abbott shared her experiences climbing Mt. Everest and running the Iditarod. Elementary teacher, Sara Lamont shared science activities to help students understand glaciers. Teacher from the Trail, Terrie Hanke, shared ideas on how to use the Iditarod as a theme for Character Education. Heidi Sloan, 2018 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail shared some of her best practice lessons and hinted at what teachers can expect for resources and lessons during the coming school year.