Eye on the Trail: Diehl Eleventh in Nome

Richie Diehl at the 2019 Restart

Early in the morning of Thursday, March 14th Diehl mushed down Front Street with nine dogs in harness to claim 11th place in Iditarod XLVII.  In seven starts, Richie Diehl has seven finishes with 6th place in 2018 being his highest placing run.  Richie made Nome in 10 days, 10 hours and 40 minutes for his second highest finish.

Diehl began mushing when he was a kid and has raced competitively since 2010.  Living in Aniak, with the Kusko 300 running nearly in his back yard he’s been a regular participant.  He also participated in the Inaugural Paul Johnson 450 in Unalakleet. 

Richie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology from University of Alaska – Anchorage.  He’s worked for nine years as a carpenter in Aniak.

Richie looks a little the worse for wear compared to when he started the race two weeks back.  Diehl did a face plant on a tree and is now sporting a black eye, a ding under his eye and one on his nose.

Peter Kaiser was in the chute to welcome Richie to Nome.  When interviewed by the Insider Crew, Richie said there was some new challenge in every run and just when you think you’ve seen it all, this last leg we battled soft snow for 70 miles.  He’s said he was very impressed with his dog team, they are young and very resilient.