Eye on the Trail: Telephoto Story – Charley’s Day in Unalakleet

Charley Bejna Prepares Breakfast at Sunrise in Unalakleet

As the sun rises in Unalakleet during Iditarod XLV, Charley Bejna cooks up a gourmet breakfast for his canine athletes.  Up in the checkpoint, Middy Johnson and other villagers are preparing eggs, bacon and sourdough pancakes for mushers and volunteers.

“Oh it’s my favorite! Fill my bowl first Charley!”

Sled dogs have voracious appetites.  During the race they consume roughly 10,000 calories each day.  They need 2,000 calories to support their normal body functions and burn 65 calories per mile.  

Late in the Afternoon, Charley Takes a Moment with Cedar and Festus