November 17, 2017

Eye on the Trail – Telephoto Telpin by Terrie Hanke

Mikhail Telpin and his Chukchi dogs spent a little extra time under the burled arch this morning.  Telpin said that he’d heard from Quest mushers that Iditarod was easier.  After signing in and completing Iditarod 41, Telpin is a veteran of both races.  Mikhail said that Iditarod was equally as tough if not tougher than the Quest considering the weather, trail conditions and terrain.  Telpin’s Chukchi are really fascinating dogs p they are shaggy, sturdy and strong.  He started with 12 dogs and all twelve dogs were on the gangline up until Safety where he dropped one dog.  that dog made it to Nome about the same time he did via Iditarod Air Force.  Enjoy the photos of Telpin and his team from this morning in Nome.