IditaRiders! Get Ready for Your Ride!

Hello IditaRiders!

You will soon be headed down the trail for an 11 mile ride

at the Start of the 2017 Iditarod! 

Get Ready for your ride!

Congratulations to the bidders and welcome to the 2017 IditaRider Adventure!  

IditaRider Coordinator, Kerry Quade, will be coordinating your ride and week’s events.  Please watch for email and messages from Kerry as we get ready to have an incredible adventure! Information in Kerry’s email will provide you details on the information below.

We will need you to:

  1. Download, print, sign and return two forms to us: 

    2017 Release and 2017 Publicity and Promo Release.

  2. Scan the forms and email them to us :Attention Kerry Quade.

    Please note: We must have forms prior to your participating in the ride. 

  3. Kerry will be asking you to email us a short bio and an image to be used  on the website page. We look forward to sharing a little bit about the 2017 riders and the musher they are riding with on Saturday, March 4. 

Special Events:

  • Thursday, March 2, at noon:  Meet your musher for a Pizza Lunch Meet and Greet held in your honor on the 3rd Floor, Lakefront, Anchorage Hotel, our race Anchorage Headquarters. 
  • Thursday, March 2 Musher Drawing Banquet, Dena’ina Center, Downtown Anchorage.  If you wish to attend, you can purchase banquet tickets online.
  • Friday, March 3:  Attend Special Speaker Events  FREE. To attend any of the speaker events on Friday, check in at the speaker event courtesy desk for your complimentary tickets. (3rd Floor, Redington Room, Lakefront Anchorage Hotel.)

    • 9:00:  Katie Mangelsdorf, Author:  Joe Redington Sr. Champion of the Iditarod
    • 10:15:   Shelley Gill:  Author, Iditarod Veteran
    • 1:00:  Stu Nelson, Jr. Chief Iditarod Veterinarian.


  • IditaRider Meeting, 3:00 – 4:00, 3rd floor, Lakefront Anchorage Hotel.  Speakers will provide you with what you need to know, from shuttle bus schedules, to starting times, to your arrival at the BLM after your 11 mile ride.  We will have all the details for you!  This is a mandatory meeting but we recognize that there are circumstances that may prevent your attendance. Should this be the case, we want to make sure you have all the information you need for your ride on Saturday.  EMAIL us so we are aware you will be absent and we will make sure you have your information pack.

*Additional information:

  • The ride will begin at the Starting Line of the Iditarod.  (4th and D)  Mushers will line the streets leading to the starting line according to the starting numbers which will be announced at the Musher Drawing Banquet Thursday evening, March 2.  Information about where your musher will line up will be provided to you on Friday at the meeting.

  • The 11 mile ride ends  at the BLM.  We will have maps available for you. 

  • A shuttle bus schedule will be provided to you.  The shuttle bus will run between the Lakefront, Downtown, and the BLM.  Riders and family members may take the shuttles.  Family members are welcome to take the shuttle to the BLM (the end of the 11 mile run) and everyone will be able to take a return shuttle bus to downtown or the Lakefront.

  • At the mandatory meeting on Friday, you will receive your credentials and 2 VIP badges. This means you and up to two others will have VIP access.   VIP badges will permit you to VIP locations on Saturday and the Restart in Willow on Sunday, March 5.


The Iditarod Trail Committee is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Proceeds raised help support the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.  Winning bids may be used as a tax deduction with the exception of the value placed on the sled. ($100) A contribution report is sent or provided to winning bidders.

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