Logistics of the Race

Logisitics are the heart and soul of Iditarod – Anchorage logs (as they’re abbreviated) is in charge of getting everyone onto and off of the trail on the correct dates (and a whole lot more!). McGrath logs is responsible for all Iditarod volunteers from Rohn to Iditarod, and Unalakleet logs is responsible for all volunteers from Shageluk to Nome. I’ve been in McGrath for three days now, and yesterday I hung out on the couch in logs for a few hours just to get a feel of what things were like – very complicated, especially for my sleep deprived brain! They’re at work before the sun comes up, and still working after the sun goes down, even though the Iditarod Air Force pilots can only fly while the sun is up, they have to be coordinating loads to get all people and supplies into and out of checkpoints in the most efficient way possible, so as to keep pilots and personnel happy.

Hoping I can get further up the trail later today, but weather is the great equalizer in this race! Logs have been going crazy for three days because the weather has been throwing a wrench in all their carefully planned out ideas, but everybody will get where they need to go eventually because they are great at their job.