Aliy Zirkle First into Galena – Wins Bristol Bay Native Corporation Fish First Award

 And here she is, Aliy Zirkle first into Galena with 14 dogs at 6.12. am. For her effort she earned a new award:” The Bristol Bay Native Corporations’s Fish First Award” which consists of a check for $1,000.00, twenty-five (25) pounds of Bristol Bay salmon, and a commemorative jacket. To help fuel her while still on the trail, Zirkle was also presented with a supply of Bristol Bay canned salmon and smoked salmon strips. Way to go, Aliy!!!!

Here are the promised shots of Aliy Zirkle of SP Kennels coming into Galena. Enjoy


And she is in!

Aliy receiving the Bristol Bay award


Ally and Mark Nordman4V1A1292

Frosty Aliy



Off to park her dogs

4V1A1269 4V1A1260

Aliy coming in, haw … haw….

4V1A1258 4V1A1248

The checkpoint

4V1A1247 4V1A1245The Bristol Bay Native Corporation Award


Welcome to Galena4V1A1241

The calm before the storm…