Roll call on the Massicotte team


Martin Massicotte, of St-Tite, Quebec, is a rookie to the Iditarod but a seasoned musher. As a teenager he ran sprint races and started his long-distance career in 1996 racing distances from 60 to 400 miles. Most of his races were run in Northeastern America, then in 2003 he traveled to Alaska to run the Yukon Quest and placed 6th. After seeing video of the Iditarod, he knew at that moment his dream would be to enter the race. This year Martin intends to fulfill this dream.

Join us in welcoming Martin to the Iditarod. Here are a few details on who is hitting the trail with Martin this year.


Junior is a 6-year-old male and sled dog team veteran. He acts as cheerleader and motivator of the team!


Yankee is a 3-year-old male and is an excellent trotter and demonstrates high quality footwork.


Franklin is 4-year-old male and all-around good race dog. He is smart, fast, an excellent leader, and has a very good appetite. In addition, he is a lover!


Shadow is a 4-year-old male and one of our top leaders. He is strong, fast, and a hard worker.


SNIP is a 5-year-old male and a phenomenal worker. He has the muscles to prove it! He is a strong wheel dog that always want to run.