Iditarod Fans,

This Winter Raffle is moving MUCH slower than any other raffle we have held and we REALLY need your help in making sure we sell out, so that next year's Race can happen. This may sound dramatic, but it is absolutely the unfortunate truth. It costs over $5,000,000 to put on this race each year, and both our Winter and Summer Raffle are crucial fundraisers to ensure the race can happen year after year. As of last night, Monday, April 1, we still have over 2,000 tickets on the table, which means we are currently $200,000 in the hole. We look forward to paying out $200,000 in cash to the 55 winners of the Winter Raffle, and we need to sell out these remaining tickets to ensure we have the revenue we need from this fundraiser to help stage next year's Iditarod.
2000 Tix Left - eBlast
You can win more than once so buy as many tickets as you can for your chance to win over $200,000! There are 55 chances to win; the odds are insane!
At just $100 each, not only will your raffle ticket purchase help fund the 2025 Iditarod, there's another reason everyone should buy a ticket in this raffle; the odds of winning are HUGE! Each ticket buyer has a 1 in 100 chance of winning... and that's if you only purchase 1 ticket! Watch your odds double and triple with the more tickets you buy... you CAN win more than once!!

Grand Prize of $101,000 cash
5 prizes of $10k cash
49 prizes of $1k cash

Alaskans within the state may purchase online or by calling in
Outside of Alaska, Text or Call
(907) 841.4578

Or fill out the Call Back Form by CLICKING HERE

Without this fundraiser and the sale of these tickets, we would not be able to put this race on each year. We need your help and we are so grateful to each ticket holder. Please be sure to send this email to your friends and family as well, as the odds of winning are too good not to share.
The proceeds from this raffle helps cover numerous race expenses including but not limited to:
  • Exemplary dog care that includes pre-race screening and multiple veterinarians at each checkpoint along the trail.
  • Food for our 1,500 volunteers stationed throughout the entire race.
  • Fuel for several hundred Iditarod Air Force flights to transport supplies, humans and canines.
  • Educational programs and curriculums in thousands of classrooms across the world.
  • Plus hundreds of other expenses such as straw for the dogs, supplies for each checkpoint, Heet for the teams and the list goes on.
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