GPS Tracking “Help"

Getting Started

Welcome to the Iditarod Sled Dog Race GPS Tracker. We've included details about the map features to help you get the most out of your GPS experience.

Leader Board / Roster

To get started, click a musher's name or the (I) to the right of the musher's name on the leader board to pop up a window with the musher's latest progress information, bio, links to related videos and posts. You can drag and organize the popup windows on the map. Click the (X) on the top right to close the musher box.

Analytics Chart: AnalyticsView allows you to compare statistical data gathered

Click the "Zoom to Musher" icon to locate and zoom into the musher on the map.

Hover over a musher icon (green flag or brown flag) on the map to view a popup with the latest race progress.

Click the musher icon (green flag or brown flag) on the map to pin the popup to the map and highlight the race path on the map.

   Green flag represents a musher on the move.

   Orange flag represents a musher that's not moving. This may represent the musher is resting or the GPS hasn't sent progress data lately.

Click the Column Headers to sort the Musher Grid (ex: #,Name,Status, Mile).

Click the "Graph Icon" to the right of the mushers name to launch analytics view.

Menu (from left to right)

Zoom: (+ or -) button: click - to zoom in on the map. click + to zoom out. Also double click on the map to zoom into that area.

Refresh Clock: count down to auto refresh of all GPS positions. Click the circle arrow icon to manually refresh the positions. Manual refresh works once per 5 minute cycle.

Help: the page you are currently reading.

Analytics View: more below

Race Standings: Click to view the official standings on the website.

Analytics View Help

Analytics View allows you to view statistical data gathered throughout the event and compare musher stats. The time on graphs are in Alaska Standard Time.

To get started, select a Musher from the drop down to view their analytics. You can select as many mushers as you like.

Remove Musher: click the (X) on the top right of that musher's analytics box.

Statistics Description

Elevation: The altitude of the route the Musher's took across the course.

Speed: The Musher's speed across the course.

Avg Speed: This is the Musher's average speed including rest.

Avg Moving Speed: This is the Musher's average speed not including rest.

Race Replay Controls

Time Controls: Use the Replay Time Controls to cycle to: Beginning of the Race, Go Back one time slot, Go forward one time slot, Go to the end of the Race

Technical Support: If you need additional technical support, please submit a support ticket at This is the fastest method for getting help.