Iditarod Support and FAQ

Welcome to our website and Insider Order support page.

We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully solve your problem. Please read through these issues before contacting us. Submit a ticket here.



You can login using your “email address” or “username” as the username and the password you signed up with.

If you still can’t login please click here to reset your password. Enter the email address in the field to receive a link to reset you password. You will need access to the email address you signed up with to receive this link.

If you registered a username with a space, try replacing the space with a – when logging in.

Display name can be changed at any time through your profile settings.


Do you have multiple email addresses? Has your email address changed over the last few years?
Over the years many Insiders have used different email addresses to register and subscribe with. This can easily happen if you have multiple email addresses. If you do have multiple email addresses please try those as well.

Change password

If you know your password and want to change it, please login to your account and go to the “Change Password” page, enter your current password and then enter your new password and click save.


Reset Password

If you forgot your password please log out of your account FIRST. Then go to the “Forgot Password” page to reset your password. Enter your account’s email address in the field to receive a link to reset your password. You will need access to the email address you signed up with to receive this link.

We can not reset your password manually.

Here are some simple directions to change your Iditarod Insider Account Email Address:

1. Login to your account here:
2.Click the edit your password and account details link
3. Change your email address
4. Click “Save Changes”

Unfortunately the username you signed up with can not be changed. If you used an email address as your username when you signed up, the email will always be assigned as your username. You can change your email address in your profile settings to receive all correspondences from Iditarod.

You can change your display name, the name that is displayed on forums, to friends etc in your Profile Settings under edit.

Log into your account and on the My Account page scroll to the bottom and you will see a section called “My Saved Cards”. You can delete the credit card we have on file. You can not update a card. A new credit card will be added to your account with your next purchase. If you receive a subscription auto payment notice with an expired card simply click the link in the email, go through the online purchase and that card will be saved to your account.

Downloads are located on the My Account page. Click the link to download the file. You can also “right” click and “save file as” to download the file as well.

Microsoft Windows users you can play the video using Windows Media Play or VLC Media player.

Mac users you can play the video using QuickTime or VLC Media player.

Currently, you can not log in to your Insider account in the iOS and Android app.

To view the Insider content on your mobile phone, iPad or tablet, please open your mobile browser and login to the website to view videos, GPS, and all Insider content.

Track and view your favorite mushers in the widget on the right side of most pages and receive email alerts when your favorite musher checks in and out of checkpoints throughout the race.

Registered fans can select 1 Favorite musher and Insider Subscribers can select up to 5 Favorite mushers.



Currently, we only offer the auto-renew option for all Insider subscriptions.

If after you purchase the subscription and you want to cancel your Auto Renewal subscription please:

  1. Go to your My Account page
  2. Click the [Cancel recurring payment] button
  3. A box will pop up that says “Cancelling this subscription will not refund the current subscription. It will only cancel future automatic renewals. Do you still want to cancel?”
  4. Click yes and the recurring payment will be canceled

In the past we offered these subscriptions but found most fans loved the Ultimate which includes both, so we no longer offer the video only and GPS only subscriptions.

Please visit for help with the RAce Dashboard features.

To cancel your Auto Renewal subscription please:

  1. Go to your My Account page
  2. Click the [Cancel recurring payment] button
  3. A box will pop up that says “Cancelling this subscription will not refund the current subscription. It will only cancel future automatic renewals. Do you still want to cancel?”
  4. Click yes and the recurring payment will be canceled

NOTE: cancelling auto-renew does NOT cancel your Insider subscription for this year’s race. The End Date column indicates when the subscription will be cancelled.

Please watch the video to view the process.

It’s easy to signup online. Please go here for details and a video for new users, returning subscribers or upgrades.


If you are STILL not able to get registered, then we offer a few other options.

2. Fill out this registration form and FAX it to 201-786-9214.

3. Fill out this registration form and attach to an EMAIL.

4. Credit Card orders by phone ONLY call 1-800-545-MUSH and ask for an Insider subscription.
There is NO TECH / ACCOUNT SUPPORT AVAILABLE at this number. Please submit a support ticket for additional support.

Please note that we will be unable to process orders for Free accounts, or incomplete forms. Please double check your information before submitting.

Subscription period is July 1- June 30th each year. Subscriptions will auto renew after June 30th.

The Iditarod Insider subscription expiration date aligns with the Iditarod Trail Committee’s (ITC) fiscal year. The ITC’s fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30 each year. The Iditarod Trail Committee Board of Directors has a commitment to provide fiscal continuity in order to stage “The Last Great Race on Earth.” The Insider is committed to providing our race fans with the most comprehensive coverage of The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race through the entire race.

The Iditarod Insider purchase price you select will be billed to your credit card account. If you chose the Auto Renew Option we will automatically renew your subscription each year on or after July 1st at the current renewal rate unless you contact Iditarod Insider by submitting a support ticket to cancel your account. If you have selected the 2 Year Subscription Length your credit card account will be charged once per year on or after July 1st.  


  1. Login using your username and password. (if you forgot your password, click here to reset your it)
  2. Click here to view all Insider Subscriptions. Teachers and Schools click here.
  3. Read the details and click the [Subscribe] button for the subscription you would like to buy or upgrade to. You’ll then be taken to the product information page for that subscription type.
  4. Click the [Subscribe Now] button.
  5. You’ll be taken to the Cart page where you will only pay the difference between the initial and upgraded subscription cost. 
  6. Click the [Proceed to Checkout] button and you’ll be taken to the Checkout page
  7. Enter your billing details and credit card and click the [Checkout Now] button
  8. An Order Confirmation page will be displayed with the order details. You will also receive an email confirmation
  9. Enjoy your new Insider subscription features

We offer the option of 1 year or Auto Renewing Iditarod Insider subscriptions.

  • 1 Year – subscribes you to the current Race year
  • Auto renew – we automatically renew your subscription on July 1st for the next Race year using the credit card we have securely saved on file.

Register for a free user account on and enjoy all the excitement of the race. Access to videos not available to unregistered users like the race documentaries, articles and much more. Registered users also get email alerts for one musher based on their activity.

Subscriptions for fansclick here to subscribe

  • Ultimate
  • Ultimate Plus

Subscriptions for Educationclick here to subscribe

  • Insider Classroom – Ultimate Plus
  • Insider Classroom – Ultimate
  • Insider School – Ultimate Plus
  • Insider School – Ultimate

You can view past documentaries as part of your Insider Ultimate PLUS subscription on your My Account page here


Your students need to log into your Insider subscription account to view the videos, GPS and more. It will not work if you create a separate account for students.



  • Go to My Account here
  • Login using the teacher’s username and password


Protect Your Account Information with LOCKDOWN

To protect your account information, please view the next FAQ regarding locking down your account to protect your data.

To protect your account settings and information, we recommend the following so students can’t change any of your account settings like email, password or purchase anything on the website.

  • Password – use a unique password for your login and your lockdown password. Do not use a password that you use for any school or personal accounts
  • Activate Account Lockdown – when you’re on the My Account page, you will see an option Activate Account Lockdown, click that link and enter a password that you will remember but your students can’t guess. This locks your account down. (see screenshot below)

To unlock and edit your settings, see the next FAQ.

To disable the Account Lockdown, when you click the My Account link, you will see a screen that asks for your password. Enter your current Lockdown password (different from you account login password) to edit your account details. (see screenshot 1 below)

To lock the account after edits are complete, click the Activate Account Lockdown link on the My Account page. You can relock the account with the same password or change your password on this screen. (see screenshot 2 below)


Screenshot 1



Screenshot 2

Schools and teachers that need to pay via a purchase order, please download the Purchase Order form and W-9 and include them with your purchase order.

Some companies and schools have implemented technology that prohibits videos from being shown. Palo Alto Networks’ firewall is the most common appliance used by schools. Please contact your IT department and have them whitelist

This should fix the video viewing issue.


This error happens from time to time because the video links on the page will expire. Simply refresh the browser and continue watching the videos

You need the latest version of your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari)

Video is also available on mobile devices like iPad, Android, iPhone, etc  that supports HTML 5 browsers like Safari, Google Chrome. See below for full support

Desktop browsers

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Mobile devices

  • Latest OS on iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Tablets

All Insider subscriptions can watch all on-demand and live stream videos posted to the website.

To view the latest on-demand videos please go here and to see the live stream please go here.


When mushers are either taking their mandatory 8hr or 24hr stops or if they stop on the trail or checkpoint to rest the team the GPS will stop for some time. GPS is monitored by the tech team so typically it’s not an issue with GPS its the musher is resting.

Also, you can also hold the [SHIFT] button down on your keyboard and click the refresh/reload button on your browser to see if that helps to update the map.

For more information please go to

GPS Tracker goes online when the Restart on Sunday begins.


Live Chat is for race fans age 1-120! Children and adults use the chat as a place to chat and learn about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®. Remember the following:

  1. Be Nice! Be Respectful! “Play Fair!” Remember the ‘Golden Rule’. We are all human beings with differing opinions. Do NOT make personal attacks or be disrespectful. If you see a post that violates this rule, direct message Insider or Iditarod by clicking on their name in the left column and sending a private message or submit a support ticket here.
  2. Choose words carefully! No naughty words! All discussion should be polite and respectful. Schools in Alaska and throughout the world can be logged in at anytime, so let’s keep it fun, clean, and kid-friendly.
  3. This is for Iditarod Insiders. If you are not in favor of mushing as a sport or you don’t support Iditarod, mushing, or dog sledding activities, this is not for you.
  4. If you’re asked to drop a topic, stop private messaging fans or are warned by one of the moderators or administrators about your behavior please stop. Posters that abuse the chat guidelines will be banned without warning.
  5. Make use of the moderators and administrators. They are here to assist you if you have any problems or have any questions. You can contact them by direct messaging Insider or Iditarod by clicking on their name in the left column and sending a private message
  6. Have fun being part of this Iditarod community!!

Sometimes you need to refresh the page and enter into the room again. Please follow these insrtuctions

  1. Refresh/reload the Live page at
  2. Click the [Join Live Chat] button
  3. Enter your nickname
  4. Click the [Login] button

If you click on the member’s name there is a window that pops up. You can then click the gear icon and select ignore.

If you are using a privacy app like DuckDuck Go, privacy browser extensions or privacy mobile apps it may affect chat and block it from loading.

Try turning off privacy blocking or disabling the app to see if this fixes the issue.


Below are the Race Standings columns and what they mean.

  • Pos – Position in race
  • Musher – musher’s name
  • Bib – starting race position
  • Checkpoint – latest checkpoint the checked into
  • InTime – time they checked into the checkpoint
  • In Dogs – number of dogs they checked in with
  • Out Time – time they checked out of the checkpoint
  • Out Dogs- number of dogs they checked out with
  • Rest In Chkpt – how long they stayed in the checkpoint
  • Time Enroute – time elapsed between checkpoint
  • Previous Checkpoint – last checkpoint
  • Previous Time Out – time they checked out
  • Previous Speed(mph) – speed into last checkpoint
  • Layover Completed 8hr – completed 8hr layover
  • Layover Completed 24hr – completed 24hr layover
  • Status – withdraw, scratch, active etc
  • Insights – historical race data

Please make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser. Here are some good directions:
What you are experiencing is very isolated, this is the only thing we think could be disabling that link.

You should be able to access the site anytime. If you are still having trouble from your school or work computer you may have a firewall or other security settings that are blocking your access. You should check with your IT Administrator to see if is being blocked.

The GPS tracker and the official standings are two different methods of tracking the mushers. GPS tracker is nearly real time so that is the most accurate way to see where the mushers are on the trail.

The official standings are updated when the Race Comms team receives all of the information back from the checkpoint about the musher, like the time they arrived at the checkpoint, how many dogs they have and if they are staying in the checkpoint. When the Checker at the checkpoint finalizes this information, they then relay it to headquarters and then it is input as official race data by the the Race Comms team.


Submitting a ticket

If you still have an issue, please click here to submit a Support Request. You must be signed in to submit.