IditaRead- California Style

Every year we hold an IditaRead.  Our budget runs between $450 and $500.  The following is a summary of the a typical Idita Read:

We went to a company  and ordered these cool dog tags as reading incentives for the kids.  They run about $.30 apiece when ordered in a large quantity.  Any student reaching their reading goals for the Iditaread received one.  We have given the official Iditarod pencils in the past.

I got  each classroom a dog bootie, and provided them with a poster board on which teachers could post maps to track their mushers and class reading totals.

I also hung a banner at the school entrance that read “MLD Iditaread”.  Finally, we ordered about 12 new children’s books on Alaska and the Iditarod for our school library, and I set out my large collection of books, maps, videos, flags, etc., for all the teachers to use.

Ms. Blair

View the classroom packet created by Ms. Blair by clicking here!   (PDF DOC)