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About the Education Department and Contact Information

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Mission Statement of the Iditarod Education Department:

Promote the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® by providing educational opportunities for classrooms around the world.

We strive to help teachers be better teachers and students to achieve academic success using  Iditarod based curriculum.

Steps We Take:

  • Create an awareness that Iditarod is an educational tool 
  • Inspire teachers to use the race in their classrooms
  • Serve as a resource to provide on our website standards aligned classroom lessons, curriculum connection, activities, and projects for use in preschool, elementary school, and secondary school  teachers and homeschool families
  • Focus on STEM and standards aligned content instruction on all content areas
  • Partner with highly qualified instructional educators who are using this unique Iditarod based approach to instruction
  • Develop educational collaboration teams to focus on quality teaching and learning
  • Train educators at conferences and provide information on our website to facilitate an enriched educational classroom environment and enhance technology integration.
  • Collect data from educators on success of program involvement

Results We Strive For:

  • Teachers who are highly effective instructors and use Iditarod in the classroom
  • Students who think scientifically, solve problems, read more, write more, use technology as a tool, and are successful in school
  • Students who are apt to graduate from high school more prepared to further their education and enter the fields of science, math, engineering, and technology; students who are true world problem solvers and resourceful citizens, life long learners AND develop an interest in the race.

Contact the Iditarod Education Department by sending an email to Diane Johnson, Iditarod Education Director.

  •  Diane Johnson, Director of Iditarod Education
  • 1412 S. Melgaard Road
  • Aberdeen, SD 57401

djohnson@iditarod.com  605.290.3423

***PLEASE NOTE:  Teachers are invited to freely use the lessons and curriculum on our website and to create Iditarod based lessons of their own for their own students. However, said individuals do not have permission to sell Iditarod themed or based products they have created or that we have created nor do they have permission to use these materials in any published document, sold or given freely in written format or used on their personal websites.  Unauthorized use of Iditarod curriculum or lessons is strongly prohibited. (As an example, educators or individuals may not create Iditarod based lessons, projects, or activities as a product to sell for profit or gain or in a published document of any kind, even if it is given away free.  Words such as but not limited to “Iditarod®”, “Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®”, and “The Last Great Race™” , “The Last Great Race on Earth™“, IditaRead™, Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, may not appear in materials created by individuals, or educators and sold or published even for free. Lessons, maps, images, icons, titles (Iditarod®), or any content from our website may not be included in products made for free use and/or sold by educators or other individuals without consent.  Contact djohnson@iditarod.com if you have questions or for further information.  Individuals or organizations may not provide “Iditarod®” based teacher conferences or use Iditarod in the title of a conference without permission.  Contact djohnson@iditarod.com if you have questions, need additional information,  and/or to apply for use of copyrighted materials.