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Zoom Lens: Belt Buckle for Finishers

Sixteen rookies earned their Iditarod finisher’s belt buckle in the 2016 Iditarod.  Many of the veterans at the banquet in Nome were wearing belt buckles earned in their rookie run.  Iditarod XLIV is in the history books now.  Already mushers and race planners are looking forward to the 45th running of The Last Great Race® …

Zoom Lens: Energetic Dog at Finish Line

This energetic dog has just finished the 1049 mile Iditarod with plenty of leftover energy. 

Zoom Lens: Dogs Get Diplomas

When 4th grade teacher Trent Herbst made the arch this morning and set his snow hooks, he first snacked the dogs, praised them and loved them.  Then he went back and pulled a small ziplock bag of rolled scrolls out of the depths of his sled.  He walked up to most but not all of …

Zoom Lens: Monica Zappa at the 2016 Finish Line

Monica Zappa brought her dog team to Nome today in 47th place.  She’s run the race three times and placed 47 in each race.  While her place has been the same, she’s improved her time by a day in each of her three trips to Nome.  Monica gives her leader Blue Steel some serious love …

Zoom Lens: Aliy Zirkle

Aliy Zirkle finished the 2017 Iditarod in 3rd place for the race and her husband Allan, who gives their younger dogs a first look at the trail, finished  in 32nd place.  Of course Aliy was at the burled arch to welcome Allen and the dogs. This was Allen’s finish but Aliy did answer one question …

Zoom Lens – Tytte and Miriam Osredkar Reunite

March 16, 2016:  Miriam Osredkar had been in Unalakleet since that morning.  The previous night when she was between the Old Woman cabin and Unalakleet checkpoint, she stopped to change out a couple of dogs.  Another team came by at about the same time.  As the other team passed there was a minor tangle.  Once …

Zoom Lens: Hand Warmers for Dogs?

The Berington Twins are noted for their excellent dog care.  They use massage and heat for easing sore muscles.  Anna is holding a custom made dog sweater that has pockets sewn in for hand  warmers.  It’s anything and everything for the dogs!

Zoom Lens – Sunset

The sunset over the Bering Sea at UNK.  Sometimes beauty is just too stunning to describe.  

Zoom Lens: Flying to UNK

Some race personnel fly with the Iditarod Air Force for relocation and others fly on larger aircraft like this very nice Navajo that 9 of us flew to Unalakleet in. The flight from McGrath to Unalakleet took about an hour.  That’s as the crow flies. Had we flown over the trail it would have been …

Zoom Lens: Moose in McGrath

Figuring I’d like a special shot of the final musher to leave McGrath, I walked a mile or so up from the checkpoint to where the boat landing is.  On the walk to my desired photo opportunity, I noticed a moose with a calf lying in the brush by the side of the road.  The …