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Requirements to view

Here are the minimum requirements to enhance your viewing experience.

Desktop & Laptop Computers

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10 (or above), Mac OSX (10.11), Chromebook (ChromeOS)
  • Website and GPS: web browser: Google Chrome (version 60), Firefox (version 52), Safari (version 11), Microsoft Edge
  • Videos: all web browsers listed above support video
  • Internet Connection: a high-speed Internet connection is required to watch videos and GPS such as cable, DSL or fiber with a base speed of 5MB download and 1MB upload (test speed here)

Mobile devices & Apps

  • Website and video viewing on mobile are supported by the following:
    • iPad, iPhone – iOS version 10.3
    • Android phones and Tablets – version 8
  • Available Mobile Apps: iPad, iPhone, Android – click here for more info

Getting Started – How to experience the race

Some features below require an Insider subscription or being logged in as a free registered user. Access levels are stated below.


Videos – 100’s of dog, interview, event and race action videos posted pre, during and post race

Where: (updated throughout the race and listed by most recent order)


Race Dashboard – all live streaming including cams on the trail, Championship Show, Finish Cams, GPS, chat, and standings all on one page at


Live Broadcast Schedule:


GPS Tracker (standalone) – follow and track the mushers on the map


* GPS Tracker is activated upon Official Re-start


Documentaries – watch documentaries starting with 2009 to the latest

Access level: All Plus level subscriptions

All Documentaries – (scroll down to My Streaming Videos)


Race Standings – view musher standings and insights



Race Blog – latest race news



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Accessing your account

My Account login isn’t working?

  • You can login using your “email address” or “username” as the username and the password you signed up with.
  • If you still can’t login please click here to reset your password. Enter the email address in the field to receive a link to reset you password. You will need access to the email address you signed up with to receive this link.
  • If you registered a username with a space, try replacing the space with a – when logging in.
  • Display name can be changed at any time through your profile settings.
  • Do you have multiple email addresses? Has your email address changed over the last few years?
    Over the years many Insiders have used different email addresses to register and subscribe with. This can easily happen if you have multiple email addresses. If you do have multiple email addresses please try those as well.

Login limited to 2 devices for Insider Subscriptions

I keep getting logged out of my Insider Subscription (doesn’t include EDU Classroom and School subscriptions)?

  • Your Iditarod Insider subscription only allows you to be logged into 2 simultaneous devices. If you log into a third device, you will be logged out of one of your devices. 
  • Here is how it works:
    • If you login on your home computer first and then login on your work computer second and you log in on your iPad third at a friends house all at the same time, your home computer will be automatically logged out.
    • If you then log in on your home computer, your work computer will be automatically logged out.
    • You are automatically logged out because you can only be logged in on 2 devices at any given time
    • Devices can be a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, Tablet, TV device, etc

Possible reasons you are receiving the excessive login error

  • If you are logged into multiple browsers like Chrome and Firefox and Edge/Internet Explorer on the same computer at the same time
  • If you are logged into a laptop, desktop and phone at the same time that counts as 3 simultaneous logins
  • If you are using a “Private Browsing” browser window such as an Incognito Window in Chrome or InPrivate Window in Edge or Private Window in Firefox you will be asked to login each time you open a new “Private Browsing” window

Help subscribing to the Insider?

If you are having problems subscribing to Iditarod Insider click here.


FAQs and More Help

If you still have an issue, please click here to read FAQ’s and/or submit a Support Request. You must be at least a Free Registered User to submit a ticket (support request).