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2024 Trail Mail Design Contest – New Guidelines

Attention 5th – 12th Grade Artists,  Teachers, & Parents:  We have a special art contest just for you & your students! It’s time again for our student art contest to create the 2024 Iditarod Trail Mail envelope design.  The official design will be selected by official Iditarod artist Jon Van Zyle and artist Jona Van …

Five W’s of the Iditarod Jeopardy Game

Engage your students in a rousing game of Jeopardy, complete with applause and Double Jeopardy.  Download the Powerpoint and answer key and jump start your Iditarod unit today! 5Ws Jeopardy Answer Key Jeopardy-5Ws-of-Iditarod-2021

“Sharing Our Stories” From Student Journalists in Takotna, Alaska

Sharing Our Story from Student Journalists attending Takotna Community School, Takotna, AK Mrs. Smith’s Class Starting the School Day My name is Elijah, am nine years old, and I am in third grade in Takotna, Alaska. I live on Mile 329 of the Iditarod Trail. My job the first week of school was to lead …

Fun Quizzes

Fun pop quizzes for students. Quiz sets contain a few different quizzes in the PDF. These are short 5-7 question quizzes to get the brain thinking.  Quiz set 1

Science and Math PowerPoint Game by Julie Howard

Grade Level:  Upper Elementary, Middle School and beyond.  (Math and Science Formulas)  To review concepts for this game by  viewing this PDF document. Download and play this PowerPoint   To play the game, click on the link and run the PowerPoint by clicking slide show, and from the beginning.  Follow the directions. This game was …

The Serum Run Game

Play this game:  The Serum Run Game, courtesy of the University of Alaska! Click here to play the Serum Run Game. LitSite Alaska is the University of Alaska Anchorage’s award-winning community outreach website and the home of the Serum Run Game and Alaska Kids. The content and story for the Serum Run Game was written …

2020 Iditarod Coloring pages

Download and print coloring pages created from photographs of the 2020 Iditarod. The coloring pages are grouped in sets of 5-7 pages to a PDF. Click on the links below to preview each coloring set and download. Contributing Iditarod photographers include Bob Hallinen, Siri Raittio, and Melissa Shelby. 2020 Iditarod Coloring Set 1

Iditarod word searches

Have fun with word search! Each Iditarod word search is filled with mushing vocabulary and Iditarod musher names. Just click on the link for a printable PDF.  2020 Iditarod Word Search 2 PDF 2020 Iditarod Word Search 1 PDF

Fun with crossword puzzles

Have fun with crossword puzzles! Just click on the link for a printable PDF. Find crossword answers on by searching the website categories or by entering keywords into the search bar.  2020 Iditarod Crossword 2 PDF, Crossword 2 answer key 2020 Iditarod Crossword 1 PDF , Crossword 1 answer key       …

Field trip to the vet check before the race Every dog that runs in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race must pass extensive medical examinations. Blood work and ECG recordings are included in the exam process. All dogs have microchip implants for identification.  During the race, vets are along the trail at checkpoints to examine the dogs.  Keeping dogs healthy before, during, and …