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Iditarod EDU Virtual Fall Conference

Technology in an Ecosystem that Demands Greater Access Registration fee – $100 Can’t attend on these dates? No problem, a digital copy is available for $89. Register for the conference here. Schedule Friday, October 16 Iditarod EDU Fireside Chat 2 – 4 p.m. Alaska Time IditaRead digital mapping update: We are almost there! Husky Talk: …

2020 Iditarod EDU Summer Summit: Virtual Experiential Learning Opportunities

Introducing the 2020 Virtual Iditarod Edu Summer Summit! Due to the pandemic our nation is currently facing, we will be changing our in-person summer camp to a one-day virtual summer summit. Date of conference: Friday June 12, 2020 (Timeframe forthcoming) Cost: $149 … Purchase your Zoom seat today! Our conference will offer the following, plus …

Iditarod Regional Teacher Events to be held in McCall, Idaho and Colorado Springs, Colorado

We’re heading to the starting line and bringing Iditarod Teacher Conference events to the lower 48!   Get Ready, McCall, Idaho (January 11) and Colorado Springs! (February 8, 2020) Here we come!  Register today! These events are one day events.  We’re in the process of ‘filling the sled bag’ for these events and will share out …

Register for 2020 Iditarod Conference for Educators – Anchorage, Alaska, March 3 – 6

2020 Iditarod Conference for Educators:  Anchorage, Alaska March 3 – 6, 2020 Join us for a professional development conference event in Alaska to provide you with information, projects, and lesson ideas for you to use with your students. No matter if you are new to using the race with students or you are well experienced, …

2020 Summer Camp for Educator June 12 – Registration is Open

Registration for the 2020 Summer Summit is coming soon! Join us for this special Event – June 12, 2020 More information about the 2020 Summer Summit event will be posted soon!  Questions?  Contact

General Summer Camp Event Information

Summer Camp for Educators! Join us for the ULTIMATE professional development experience!   Summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore!  Come experience Alaska in a totally unique adventure while immersing yourself in the Iditarod for nine days!  2020 Summer camp:  $875 Campers spend a minimum of four days at the Dream a Dream Dog Homestead, home …

2017 – 2018 Teacher Conferences in Lower 48: Virginia, Iowa, and More!

Join us and discover ways to incorporate Iditarod into your classroom. Workshops feature: Information about Iditarod, dog mushing, dog care before, during, and after the race STEM connections for your students Lessons and activities for real time authentic learning Presenters/Speakers include:  Musher, veterinarian, Iditarod EDU faculty.  Iditarod Teacher Workshop Schedule for the 2017 – 2087 …