Recommended Reading Lists

Are you looking for a book to use with your Iditarod or Alaska unit of study?  You’ve come to the right place.  We’ve compiled a list of books to help you. This list can help you locate nonfiction texts for your students and genre emphasized by the Common Core State Standards or other books to support your lessons and curriculum.

In an effort to provide an updated useful resource for you, we have listed the books in 7 categories.  Please recognize that many of these books overlap from one category to the next.  We know that as an educator, a race fan, or a student reader, this list will help you locate books.

IF you plan to purchase books, please remember that when you purchase from Iditarod’s Store, you are supporting the race. Check and see if we carry the book.   Your purchase with us is appreciated.  Please shop with us often for Iditarod books and all your Iditarod items.

Check out the lists!  Select your books!  Get reading!

1.    Adult Non-Fiction
2.    Adult Fiction
3.    Children’s Non-Fiction
4.    Children’s Fiction
5.    Young Adult Non-Fiction
6.    Young Adult Fiction
7.    Teacher’s Resources and Website Resources


The Iditarod Sled Dog Race has become a central icon of modern Alaska culture, and by extension has found an enduring place in the national imagination. It seems to combine just about everything most people find most appealing about Alaska—dogs, adventure, history, wilderness, personal struggle, pioneer spirit, the Gold Rush, Native culture, and much more. Not surprisingly, the Iditarod is gaining nationwide acceptance in schools as a useful tool for teaching a broad array of subjects, at levels from kindergarten through high school. The Iditarod has even generated its own literature, with dozens of books already published and more in the works. These books cover a number of different themes under the overall Iditarod umbrella.

This bibliography is an attempt to create a reasonably comprehensive annotated bibliography with information to allow teachers and other interested readers to make informed decisions about the books. Some books will deal directly with the Iditarod, some with related subjects such as dog mushing and history as well as Alaska.  Some books are old or out of print.  Enjoy the reads!


Iditarod-related books are available through an ever-increasing number of sources. The Iditarod  Online Store carries a limited number of books but we request you check our store first.  Out-of-print books are sometimes available through their out-of-print service, and there are any number of used booksellers who will do free searches. Alaska bookstores have excellent Alaska related book selections.

A special Iditarod thanks goes to a team of educators and librarians who served on a volunteer committee, dedicating many hours over a full year to create this resource list for educators and race fans.  Susan Ujka Larson and Cheryl Hannon led in the efforts to bring an updated resource list to reality.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Please note that this will continue to be a work in progress because there are ‘new’ books to be released this year and in the future.  If you are aware of a book or resource that should be included in this list, please help us keep the resource updated.

Updated yearly.  Thanks for your patience. As we discover books, we’ll add them to our list.