Just For Kids: Map the Race!


The northern route – illustrated by Erik Brooks


I wanted to bring something special to the Iditarod this year as the 2016 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™.  I always had the vision of giving a children’s Iditarod map to the teachers at the Iditarod Winter Conference, and then to children around the world digitally to print and follow the race in their classrooms.

Iditarod Map PDF – Legal Size

Artist and illustrator Erik Brooks connected with me early in this journey.  He has a passion for the Arctic, its beautiful landscape and its unique animals.  He was the perfect person to create this whimsical, commemorative map for children this year.  My hope is that his generous gift will inspire children to follow the Last Great Race on Earth™ and want to learn more about the trail and its history.  


Thank you Erik Brooks

The map can be printed on legal-sized paper to share and follow.  I gave the poster to the teachers at the conference on our first day together, I had the 2016 Iditarod mushers sign it at the banquet before the race, and every child that was an IditaRider on 4th Avenue received one to take home.  Everyone loved it, and Erik and I hope it will be downloaded and shared all over the world!

Erik Brooks has a wonderful blog, sharing his passion for Arctic animals and conservationism through his special art projects for children.  He is highlighting the plight of the polar bear right now with a unique and thoughtful classroom postcard project for children.


Check out Erik’s blog and projects below:

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