Squid Acres Reunited in Galena

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Paige Drobny pulls in to Galena


The two halves of Squid Acres Kennel were brought together today as Paige Drobny pulled in to Galena where her husband, Cody Strathe, was preparing to leave.  The town of Galena continued its hospitality through the night and all day today bringing delicious homemade food for the mushers and volunteers, and even the children pitched in to pull straw bales on sleds and drop bags to each musher on the river.  

The name of their kennel is one of the most unusual, and I highlighted it in a post about creating a kennel logo design and web page with my students.  Paige studied squid as a fisheries biologist while Cody designed and built sleds until they decided to take up racing.  Paige pulled in off the river with a great looking team while Cody was focused on preparing his dogs to leave.

[wpvideo mG84iMxA]

Paige was led down to the river where she set up her team on straw, and the vets went to work checking each dog. 

[wpvideo QdFZMmzh]

Paige brought in one of her dogs in a caboose sled, and he looked warm and cozy in his little space.  Mushers put dogs in the caboose for many reasons such as giving a tired dog a rest.

Meanwhile, Cody worked through his dog team and changed booties and checked each one as he prepared for the ride to Nulato. 


Cody Strathe works as his team rests up in the Galena sun


Jeff Schultz was on hand to take pictures of Galena before heading out on an Iditarod Air Force plane to the next checkpoint.  The volunteers from this small community have helped make this checkpoint a success.

Galena’s hospitality and warmth have been on full display during my stay here, and I know the mushers have greatly appreciated this special place on the trail.


Paige and Cody work on their teams in Galena


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