Three’s Company! DeeDee, Nathan, and Jodi Arrive in Nome


The Iditarod Insider crew films the crowds waiting for the 3 mushers


Yesterday Nome crowds got 3 for the price of 1 when DeeDee Jonrowe, Nathan Schroeder, and Jodi Bailey came in under the arch minutes apart. 

DeeDee Jonrowe      10 days 22 hours 29 minutes 13 seconds

With much fanfare, DeeDee Jonrowe arrived in Nome.  There was a lot of love for her from the people lining Front Street.  DeeDee has had a challenging year: losing her home in the Sockeye Fire, her mother, Peggy Stout’s death, and her husband’s health. 

I met DeeDee many times on the trail, and she was open to sharing with me and others about her struggles and her goal to make it to Nome.  It is remarkable to see her journey this year and watch her travel nearly 1,000 miles with her dog team to the burled arch.  It is no wonder she is so loved by so many.

[wpvideo rFE238Wy]

[wpvideo wMAZoLTl]

Nathan Schroeder     10 days 22 hours 39 minutes 25 seconds

We had been watching Nathan since Safety on the GPS tracker.  There was much speculation at first about his time, turning back to the checkpoint, and his long resting times.  What was going on?

Many people thought he would scratch in Safety, but being the musher he is, he took his time, rested himself and his team, and came into Nome when they were ready.  He had been ill, but is recovering.  Way to go Nathan!

[wpvideo FdwgITnB]

Jodi Bailey     10 days 22 hours 44 minutes 47 seconds

Jodi came in with a smile, and her friends and family were on hand to celebrate.  They put on colorful feather boas and she walked through the gang line giving her dogs hugs and love. 

Jodi is well known for her fun attitude.  With a bow she was welcomed by the mayor of Nome under the arches.

[wpvideo IHARcTsL]

[wpvideo DewEsfVA]