Interested in Writing to Mushers? READ THIS Please

We are happy to provide you with contact information of mushers agreeing to receive letters from students.  If you are writing to mushers, please follow the instructions below- EVEN if you have done this project before, please read the information again- to gain optimum success on your project. Read the information below, follow the directions and the guidelines, send the required information to us by filling out the form found by clicking this link to  receive by email the postal contact information for mushers who agree to receive letters from students.

Please note: *If you have already requested addresses and not received them, they will be sent out this week.  Sorry for the delay! 

  • We only send contact information to educators who are needing the contact information for educational purposes.  We do not release email information for mushers.  We do not release any contact information directly to students. 
  •  We are grateful to those mushers who  do respond to student mail.  However, please remember that mushers are very busy people and some letters of response may not arrive until May, June, or even over the summer months.
  • Not all mushers will respond.  We do not guarantee response or a time frame for those who do respond. 
  • Following our guidelines may lead to greater success with  your educational project.  Thanks for your patience!

1.  Please read this important information and lesson plan suggestion before writing to mushers. Click to view the UPDATED information teachers must read before sending letters to mushers.

* Please Note:  Each year’s musher contact list is updated in  mid December or January because mushers can sign up for the race until the end of the November.  We do NOT know who all of our mushers will be until that time. We will not send out the ‘new’ contact list until mid December or January.  Also, not all mushers allow us to give out their postal information.  Please use an updated list EACH YEAR to make sure you are writing to the correct list of mushers and that you are writing to mushers who agree to get letters from students. You will need to provide us with your information on the form each year.  Thanks for your patience!

2. Fill out the required information and submit.   CLICK HERE.

3. Once the education department has received the information requested on the form, you will receive the musher contact information when it is available.  We begin sending out information starting in late December.  We WILL NOT send  contact information to teachers who do not submit the required information on the google doc.   If you make the request for addresses between late Feb. through the race, you may experience a delay in our reply to you because our focus will be on the race at that time.  We’ll get back to you in late March or early April.  Mushers won’t be reading mail during the race and will be happy to hear from your students after the race.

4. Students should choose the mushers they’d like to write to and create well written letters that ask good questions and wish mushers success.  When students view information on a musher’s website, students are able to come up with interesting questions that aren’t answered on the website, making response from mushers who do write back, much more interesting for your students.

5. Place the letter(s) to each musher in a separate envelope. Along with your letter(s), be sure to include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope if you would like to receive a reply.

6. Once your letter(s), and the SASE are inside of your envelope, address the correspondence to the musher using the address list that was sent to you.

7. Remember to put correct postage on the return envelope! You’ll need more postage if you are sending a letter to another country! Your post office will tell you what your options are as far as how quickly the letter will get to the musher, depending on how much postage you put on the envelope.  REMEMBER if the musher is from CANADA you cannot use United States postage on the return envelopes.  Mushers must return mail using CANADIAN POSTAGE. You can purchase International Reply Coupons to include in the musher’s letter so a musher from Canada or other countries outside of the United States can exchange the coupon for correct postage.   To learn more, consult this link.  Contact your post office for assistance.

8. Take the correspondence to the post office, or drop it in the mail box.  Send the envelopes directly to the musher. If you are sending letters to multiple mushers, you’ll have multiple pieces of correspondence to send! (Do not send the letters to Iditarod Headquarters or to me to mail them for you.  Send the mail from your location to the musher.)


****** REMEMBER:  DO NOT send mail to Iditarod Headquarters.  Mushers do not get their mail at Headquarters and there is not a budget allowance for postage to purchase envelopes or mail letters for you.  Sending pages and pages of letters in one envelope to Headquarters will not reach the destination.  Contact me for specific information about this or if you have other questions.   Click here.

******Not all of our mushers write back, but many will.  Remember, mushers can get hundreds of letters.  Following our directions is very important!  We cannot guarantee which mushers will write back.  This is a musher’s decision based on many factors including whether you have included a self addressed stamped envelope.  In addition, response letters may take months to arrive, some arrive over the summer.  Thanks for being patient and helping your students remember these important details.


Thanks for your cooperation!  Past cooperation and the following the guidelines we have set has seen a growth in the number of mushers willing to participate in writing responses to the letters they’ve received and this has improved the number of mushers willing to participate in this project.  Please, please, please remember the self addressed stamped envelopes!  Be patient waiting for potential responses from mushers. There is no guarantee mushers will write back, buy many do.  Letters may arrive over the summer months if not during late spring. Thanks!