Carry On

Zuma:  Lead K9 Journalist

Zuma: Lead K9 Journalist

Dear Boys and Girls,

Today I have a very important message for you to read and understand.

Over the weekend, we had a very sad thing happen during the race to mushers Jeff King and Aliy Zirkle.  They were both involved in an accident involving a snowmachine (or snow mobile) that was on the same trail as the mushers.  Both Aliy and Jeff are still in the race.  Cheer them on!

The person who caused the accidents made some very bad choices.  Because of those poor choices, other people and dogs were put in harms way.  The state troopers and the courts are taking care of the situation.   We don’t have to worry about this accident. 
One thing we all need to remember is that it is not our job to pass judgement on the person that made bad choices.
Jeff and Aliy moved bravely down the trail and we should, too.
It’s okay to feel sad and hurt by what happened.  
Jeff and Aliy  won’t let what happened steal their dreams from them and neither should we allow someone to steal our dreams.   Bad things sometimes happen and we choose whether we will let what happens break us or make us.
So boys and girls, spend some time today talking with your teachers on ways to try and make good choices and how to move forward when things happen that aren’t so good. 
Stay strong.    Mush on,
Lots of Tail Wags,