Put On Your Jacket!

libby6Libby Here!

It’s hard to believe that it is already October.  The school year seems to be flying by fast! 

Since it’s October, I thought I’d put a jacket on just for the fun of it. 

Since I’m a dog I wear a pretty good winter coat all year long so I don’t usually get very cold.  This jacket just makes me look all spiffed up, don’t you think?

Dogs that race in Iditarod have natural warm coats made of their own fur.  Most of the time, this natural coat gives them all they need to stay warm.  But sometimes, mushers like to add an extra layer of protection by putting jackets on the dogs.

These jackets can be worn in the day or worn while the dogs are at rest.  A good thing about these jackets is that they can help keep a bitter wind off the dogs.

I wear jackets for the fun of it because I like to dress up.  Sled dogs can wear jackets to help protect them from winter weather.

Do you wear a jacket?  Why?

Just spinning some ‘de-tales’.