Iditarod Anvik to Zzzz!

Anvik on the Yukon River. Photo Credit: J. Westrich

A – Anvik: First checkpoint on the Yukon, mile 512 of the Iditarod Trail Race, and my home for next night or two!

B – Brent Sass: Third into Anvik; he made a quick stop to check in and then took off up the Yukon!

C – Church Bell: Ringing the bell signals the first musher is entering Anvik.

Frosty faces after a great run. Photo Credit: J. Westrich

D – Dog Teams: Frost covered dog teams come into Anvik off the river.

E – Early Morning: When Jessie Holmes arrived in Anvik – 4:03 AM

F – Filet Mignon: Main course at the dinner prepared for the first musher to Anvik!

G – Grayling: The checkpoint after Anvik…18 miles down the Trail.

H – Hercules: Lead dog for Jessie Holmes team, first into Anvik.

I – Iditarod Air Force: The team of volunteer pilots who got us to this checkpoint!

J – Jessie Holmes: Bib #2 and the first team to Anvik.

K – Kids: Mushers are welcomed with signs made by the school children of Anvik.  Kids come out all day (and night) to cheer on the teams as they come to the checkpoint.

L – Luca: Return dog from Pete Kaiser’s team, who enjoyed a blanket made by the 3rd Grade students at Briarwood Elementary School in West Irondequoit (The Teacher on the Trail’s class!)

M – Marx Bros Café: Caterer of the First to the Yukon meal, a fancy dinner for the musher who makes it to Anvik before anyone else!

N – Nic Petit: Second musher into Anvik at 6:54 AM, he quickly settled in for his 8 hour rest.

O – Odin: Lead dog for Jessie Holmes team, first into Anvik.

P – People: The Trail guards, COMMS volunteers, Media, and local community work together to make Iditarod possible!

Brent Sass’ lead dog Slater in Anvik. Photo Credit: J. Westrich

Q – Quick: Brent Sass was in – and out – of Anvik quickly.  His official time at the checkpoint was 5 minutes.  

Coming into Anvik on the Yukon River. Photo Credit: J. Westrich

R – River: Teams continue North along the Yukon River to Grayling, Eagle Island, and Kaltag.

S – Shageluk: The checkpoint on the Trail 25 miles before Anvik. 

T – Tracker: According to the GPS the Teacher is in Anvik!

U – Upstairs: On the 2nd floor of the city building volunteers set out sleeping bags, cook meals, share conversation, and warm-up.

V – Veterinarian: The Anvik team has 5 experienced vets from all over the world – Australia, Nevada, Idaho, Virginia, and Missouri – to check the health and wellness of the dogs!

W – Wade Marrs: This friendly musher took his 8 hour break in Anvik and signed autographs for the local school children.

X – eXcitement:  The shouts that ring out in the air when the spotter yells DOG TEAM!

Y – Yukon River: The beautiful frozen river that provides food and transportation to the community of Anvik. 

Z – Zzzzzzz! It’s been a long day since the wake-up call at 3:00 AM! Time to get some sleep!