Meet Kamik

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Grades 2-4; others with modification

Meet Kamik, an Inuit puppy, in this series that is based on life memories of elders from Arviat, Nunavut. In book one, Kamik: An Inuit Puppy Story, Jake finally gets a puppy all his own! But a puppy is far more work than he ever imagined, especially a puppy like Kamik. In Kamik’s First Sled, Jake, with some help from his grandmother, finally gets Kamik started on his sled dog training.  Jake’s uncle, a winning sled dog musher, helps Jake and Kamik even more in Kamik Joins the Pack. Through the series, children learn basic dog- rearing practices that are passed down from the elders as Kamik and his boy Jake learn everything they need to know to someday be a part of a dogsled team. The series is from Inhabit Media, a Inuit owned publishing company.

This unit allows the students to investigate how characters change over the course of a series.  They will also investigate a text set about training sled dogs.

Meet Kamik Book Unit