Welcome to Debski’s Diner: Lesson Ideas from the I.C.E. Cohort

Our first Iditarod Certified Educator’s cohort is off and running down the trail! Their first challenge was to develop a quick lesson idea based on the theme of Debski’s Diner.

Debski is the amazing cook for all of the volunteers in Nome. She serves as a kind of den mom for all of the volunteers who find themselves in Nome and staying at the church. Everyone from vets to the pee team to the dog lot volunteers to the Teacher on the Trail – have enjoyed the hospitality and amazing cooking of Debski the Great!

This year, Debski shared with us her food order for Nome and we challenged the I.C.E. teachers to come up with a quick lesson or warmup that could be used with the information she shared. We think they did a great job with their first challenge! Check them out for yourself!

General Information:

Meet Debski

Debski’s Food Order

Video Interview with Debski

English Writing, Grades 3-5

By: Alta Wehmeyer



Brainstorming and Outline

Vocabulary Numer

Debski Grammar & Practice

Dena’ina Food Lesson

by: Jennifer Williams



Sound Chart

Consonant Chart

Vowel Chart

Math Warmup, Grades 3-6

by: Cindy Emmons


Taste Test, Grades K/1

by: Heather Sabol

Lesson Idea

Creative & Informative Writing, 6th Grade

by: Heidi Hartman

Lesson Idea

Math, Middle Grades

by: Jackie Denton

Lesson Idea

English, 8th Grade

by: Andrea Cox

Lesson Idea


by: Julie Crawford

Lesson Idea

Math and Nutrition, Elementary

by: Katherine Ventre

Lesson Ideas


by: Kathleen Thompson

Lesson Idea

Math and Critical Thinking

by: Stephanie Eliason

Lesson Idea