Aerobic Scavenger or Checkpoint Hunt

1028976645Aerobic Scavenger or Checkpoint Hunt

Students should be in teams of 3 or 4.  On a large area such as a football or soccer field, spread 26 cones out and conceal slips of paper with checkpoint names under them.  Cones are arranged in a random manner.  The object of this game is to travel from the center of the field and back, stopping at cones to discover checkpoints, and find the checkpoints in the order a musher would arrive at the checkpoints.

One member of each team stands in the middle of the field as the “checker.” 

The other team members hook arms and take off jogging, looking for the cone that conceals the first item to be found on the hunt. Using the names of checkpoints or musher gear are examples of items that could be used in this activity.  Once the item is found, the runners return to the checker to check off the item.

The checker becomes one of the runners while one of the runners stays in the middle of the field to be the checker. 

Again, off go the runners go seeking the next checkpoint. 

The hunt continues for a predetermined period of time or until a team finds all of the checkpoints in order.  A variation would be to use 26 items of mushing gear instead of checkpoints.  An item can be concealed under each cone along with slips of paper indicating the item under the cone.  Again, the runners need to find the items in a specified order.  This is an activity filled with fun, a little strategy and lots of aerobic benefit.

Aerobic Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan