Flashback Photo(s) – Jim Deprez 2021/2022 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™



For me that’s what this event is, and always has been about.


Whether it is the relationship between the mushers and the “true athletes” – the dogs (as most of the mushers would say). 

Jessie Holmes loving on one of his pups. Photo credit: Jim Deprez

Jeff King celebrating with the team in 2022. Photo credit: Jim Deprez












Relationships amongst fellow mushers…

Karin Hendrickson and Matt Paveglio embrace under the arch in 2022. Photo Credit: Jim Deprez

2022 mushers chatting before the group photo. Photo credit: Jim Deprez














The renewed relationships between the mushers and their families upon their return. 

2022 Jr. Iditarod Champion Emily Robinson shares a moment with her dad at the finish line. Photo credit: Jim Deprez

The Failors at the Finish in 2022. Photo credit: Jim Deprez















And those unexpected ones that you make along the way…

Howard Farley

Me and Aliy Zirkle.















I will never forget all of the people who helped make my adventure more than a “once in a lifetime” experience. Everyone from the volunteers, to the mushers, and the members of the ITC and “Old Iditarod Gang” have left an enduring impression on me. Not everyone has the opportunity to go out on the Iditarod trail and experience these things first hand. But for me it is, and will always be about the bonds that are built and friendships made that will last a lifetime. If you have any desire to have a true Alaskan adventure and work with some of these same people, consider volunteering for the Iditarod. It will leave you wanting to return. https://iditarod.com/volunteers/