If You Mush Know: Run, Snack, Love

This month’s question comes from:


What do the dogs do when a big race like Iditarod is over?

What do they do when they get home?

What’s next? The Iditarod teams have completed 823 miles of running on the Gold Trail Loop as a team and have navigated tough trail sections and overcome many challenges together. It is time to run free, snack, and love. The musher and their team have formed an incredible bond, because they have worked together for so many miles training and racing. Both mushers and dogs have given each other their best efforts,

Once the team is at their kennel home to relax, spring break begins. Dogs will get the opportunity for sofa time to be sofa super heroes or relax in their kennel houses that have been filled with fresh straw. The dogs will continue to get lots of nutrition from frozen meat snacks and warm meals.

After a good day’s rest, it is time for some massaging, stretching, and free running. Mushers are able to massage and stretch their dogs just like our human athletes are massaged and do stretches to limber up and help prevent injuries. It is time for free running in a fenced area or open space to give the dogs the opportunity to get out the wiggles, stretch, and limber up. The musher can watch the dogs for good movement and see if they are limber. They will give special attention to any ailments or stiffness.

This is a time for mushers to reflect while dogs can run free, snack, and love.

Special Thanks to Kayln Holl and Ryne Olson for sharing this photos of spring time at Ryno Kennel. Ryne finished 18th in this year’s Iditarod. Photos by Kaylin Holl.

By: Lynne Witte