If You “Mush” Know: How Big are Sled Dogs?

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How big do sled dogs get? Do they have to be a certain size to race?


Willingness and Heart


Sled dogs come in many sizes with mushers’ preferences ranging from larger dogs with muscular strength to smaller quicker runners. Martin Buser, 4 time Iditarod champion, once wrote, “ A good sled dog is a lot like a good person: honest, hardworking, friendly, with a positive attitude and curious.” The physical and mental health of a sled dog is important. They will be nourished by good nutritious food along with regular dog care for overall health. A musher will train and prepare dogs for running the miles needed. Some of the best leaders, even though they are small females weighing 35-40 pounds, excel in races. The average size of a dog might be 50 pounds but what counts most is the dogs’ hearts.


by: Lynne Witte