Meet Kate

Hello friends,

Educators from across the US are coming in for the 2024 Iditarod Educators Conference. There are teachers everywhere! While they are all special, there is one extra special teacher here from Houston, TX. Meet Kate Newmyer. Each year the Iditarod Education Committee chooses a Teacher on the Trail™ to send out lessons and be able to experience the Iditarod first hand. Kate will be traveling across the trail, not in a dog sled, but flying with the Iditarod Air Force. She just got back from the Junior Iditarod and had a grrrrrreat time. 

This all started 25 years ago when a teacher from Indiana, Andrea (Finney) Aufder Heyde, came to Alaska to experience the Iditarod and pass on her adventures to her students. She told everyone here she was the Teacher on the Trail as she hitched plane rides across the trail. No one knew then what an impact she was having because ever since there has been a dedicated Teacher on the Trail™. 

Finney – The first Teacher on the Trail

Each day during the race Kate will post about her adventure. Each teacher has a unique experience, so follow Kate for some inside scoop on what is happening on the trail.  Kate’s Posts.

Tail wags,