Other Awards

Hello friends,

What a race! Teams are still running to see who will capture the title of Iditarod Champions. Sometimes we forget that there are also other winners along the way. Jesse Holmes and his K9s just won the Ryan Air Gold Coast Award for being the first team to Unalakleet, Travis Beals and team won the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Fish First award for being the first team to Kaltag, Nik Petit and team were the First to the Yukon receiving a gourmet meal, Dallas Seavey won the GCI Halfway Award, and Mille Porsild was the first to Nikolai winning Alaska Air Transit Spirit of Iditarod Award. What did they win? You’ll have to put your paws on the keyboard and do some reading to find out.

Brandon Essay Presents AAT Spirit of Iditarod Award to Mille Porsild (Photo: Insider Video)

What is this award for? (Photo: Siri Raitto)

Could one of these teams be the ultimate winner? Maybe. They’re getting close so keep watching!

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