White Mountain

Hello friends,

This is it pups, the end of the Iditarod is in our site. As of this writing Dallas Seavey (picture), Matt Hall, and Jessie Holmes are in White Mountain with Travis Beals, Jeff Deeter, and Paige Drobny heading that way. Following Rule #13, teams must stop in White Mountain for 8 hours before continuing on to Safety. Safety is the last official checkpoint, but teams typically stop, check in, and leave for the remaining miles to Nome. The weather in Nome looks good for the teams; it’s currently -9ºF with a high today (Tuesday) of 5ºF. My K9 friends LOVE the cold so it will be a fun run.

While the winners will be resting in Nome, don’t forget about the other teams still racing. They are happy to be on the trail with their human friends running to Nome. Keep watching, pups, we’ll have a winner soon!

Tail wags,