April 19, 2014


2014 Rules, Forms & Other Information for Mushers

Many of these forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download it for free.

The Iditarod Trail International Sled Dog Race shall be a race for dog mushers meeting the entry qualifications as set forth by the Board of Directors of the Iditarod Trail Committee, Inc.

Recognizing the aptitude and experience necessary and the varying degrees of monetary support and residence locations of mushers, with due regard to the safety of mushers, the humane care and treatment of dogs and the orderly conduct of the race, the Trail Committee shall encourage and maintain the philosophy that the race be constructed to permit as many qualified mushers as possible who wish to enter and contest the Race to do so.

The object of the race is to determine which musher and dogs can cover the race in the shortest time under their own power and without aid of others. That is determined by the nose of the first dog to cross the finish line. To that end, the Iditarod Trail Committee has established these rules and policies to govern the race.

For Rookie Mushers planning to enter the 2014 (or later) Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race:

If you are a rookie musher planning on entering a future Iditarod, you must get a report card from your qualifying races completed by race officials and returned to the Iditarod office within 10 days of the end of the qualifying race. It is YOUR responsibility to advise officials prior to the start of the race that you are using that race for a qualifier and will need the report card completed and to provide officials with the correct form, which you will find on the website along with the other paperwork. That way, officials will know ahead of time to watch you so they can complete the report card. You should do that if there is any slight thought in your head about one day running the Iditarod. There is no time frame on completing qualifiers.




Many of the musher forms are dated. Dates are listed with the materials. Be sure to get your paperwork into the office well ahead of deadlines. Be sure to check this page often for new forms and information that you will need to know. The forms on this list are required at the time of payment of entry fee in order to be considered an entrant.



  • 2014 Sponsor List Form (PDF)
    Print as many as you need and turn in as often as you need to. For inclusion in the Race Guide, we must have your sponsors turned in by December 15, 2011.
  • 2014 Membership Form (PDF)
    Should be turned in as soon as possible to be sure your membership is updated.
  • 2014 Banquet Ticket Order Form (PDF)
    Mushers get the first two tickets for free and priority for reservations until January 10, 2014, but to get your tickets you must submit this form.