January 16, 2017

Zuma’s Paw Prints

zuma_adultZuma and the K9 Journalists

Zuma writes for all audiences. 

Gypsy writes for upper elementary and secondary readers.

Sanka writes for the higher level readers. 

Libby writes for the youngest readers. 

      Sled Dog Ed writes for educators.





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gypsysanka1   Sled Dog Ed

Gypsum  AKA:  Gyspy

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  Sanka Wusha Dog

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                Libby Littles

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Ed U. Cation

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You can read articles by your favorite K9 Journalist by clicking the above link or you can scroll through the articles below and read articles from the K9 Journalist Team.  Learn about the journalists at this link.


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Recent Posts

Iditarod Daily Grammar Practice Sentences

 Dear Educators,      Just a quickie here…..some teachers have been searching the Education website for Daily Grammar Practice Sentences to use with their classes. I decided to put them all in one attachment for your convenience.  These daily grammar sentences were originally created by the 1999 Teacher on the Trail™, Andrea Aufder Hyde (Finney) and …

Libby Littles Here!

Libby Littles I know I’m not the youngest member of this K-9 reporting team, but I am the smallest. I am an Alaskan Klee Kai, which is a miniature sled dog. Some humans think that I look a lot like a Siberian. My breed began in Alaska and you can find lots of information about …

Call Me Gypsy

Gypsum (aka Gypsy) I’m Gypsum, but everyone calls me Gypsy. I love to wander. My humans call me a master escape artist. I’m not sure what that means but I know I love to see what’s on the other side of my kennel, or the run, or the door … I just love to explore. …

I Am Sanka Wusha Dog

My name is Sanka Wusha. The name,Sanka, comes from the character in “Cool Runnings,” the movie about the Jamaican Bobsled Team and Wusha is Ethiopian for dog. My birthday is in the middle of May so I’m about 5 months old right now. I was born at Rayme Redington’s kennel just a few miles away …

My Name is Zuma

Hello Boys and Girls, I was born in Wisconsin on August 29, a day when the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. I have four sisters, Crystal, Ruby, Topaz, and Opal, and 3 brothers, Nugget, Silver, and Nickel. In the world of dog language, we are what is called “litter mates.” My …

The Honorary Musher

Dear Teachers, How many times have you given special recognition or awards to your students in the classroom? For what types of things do you choose to recognize them or reward them? How do you determine what the qualifications for each will be and ultimately who will get the award? A special recognition in the …

How Long Is It?

Hello Fellow Educators! The season of Fall is nearing an end and hopefully you are continuing to “fall” into the depths of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska. As a retired sled dog, I had plenty of time to rest up this past summer and travel around with my owners and children from the …

Travel Plans!

Hi Everyone! Just give me a moment here to navigate my way home before I embark on my new idea for you teachers. Let’s see, I need to trot 300 yards north to the training wheel, turn left for 100 yards until I arrive at the storage building, then veer right for 50 yards until …

Zoom Lens: Belt Buckle for Finishers

Sixteen rookies earned their Iditarod finisher’s belt buckle in the 2016 Iditarod.  Many of the veterans at the banquet in Nome were wearing belt buckles earned in their rookie run.  Iditarod XLIV is in the history books now.  Already mushers and race planners are looking forward to the 45th running of The Last Great Race® …

Finishers Banquet

Hi Boys and Girls, Last night was the awards banquet in Nome. It was held at the Nome Recreation Center. The banquet is to congratulate all the finishers of this years race. There are also awards given out. For a very detailed list of the awards and who won them this year you can go …