Best Conferences…Iditarod Style!

My journey toward 2018 Teacher on the Trail™ started at an Iditarod Educator’s Camp in the summer of 2016.  The thing I first loved about coming to an Iditarod Educator’s Conference was that I met like-minded, passionate teachers!  Anyone who incorporates the Iditarod and is willing to travel to Alaska to learn more has to be enthused about the teaching profession.   Friendships I made have continued, and our bonds are strong.  Warning:  Iditarod camps are addictive!  

Actually being in Alaska, seeing the terrain and cultures, and of course, actually meeting Iditarod mushers and their dogs was the dream of a lifetime for me.  It made the Iditarod facts and history clearer, and the amazing sessions showed me how I could match my curriculum standards with Iditarod lessons which motivate my students toward learning.  Attending the two starts of the Iditarod were icing on the cake!

During Winter Camp, I signed up to handle dogs at the Ceremonial Start!

If you are interested in the Iditarod, the Winter or Summer Educator’s Conferences are a must-do.  Start saving up, write a professional development grant, find another enthusiastic teacher-friend to accompany you and share lodging expenses, or whatever you must do…but go for it!  These were truly among  the best professional development conferences I have ever attended.

Iditarod Winter Conference